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Wisconsin To Ban Texting While Driving

Wisconsin will follow up other states in the move to make public roads safer by introducing a ban on texting behind the wheel. The law will go into effect on Dec 1, 2010 and drivers who choose to ignore the law can be slapped with a fine as high as $400.

Talking on a phone while driving is a distracting activity by itself. You tend to concentrate on the conversation and pay less attention to the road. It becomes even more dangerous when you operate a hand-held device and keep only one hand on the steering wheel. Texting is probably the most dangerous activity you can engage in while driving - you hold the steering wheel with one hand and even take your eyes off the road to make sure you are punching in the correct letters.

Under the new law, the highway patrol will prosecute those who text behind the wheel. Exceptions will be made to those who use voice recognition services for texting instead of hand-held devices.

Half of the states around the country already have similar laws that prohibit operation of communication devices behind the wheel. Teenagers are usually prohibited from using any communication devices while adult drivers license holders are restricted to using hands-free devices. Additional state-specific restrictions, such as a ban on cell-phone usage in school zones, may also be in place in various counties.