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Permit Practice Test MN Question 79

Divided highway is a type of the road where traffic traveling in opposite directions is separated by a median, which can either be a concrete divider or a large space elevated above or lowered below the road's plane. Divided highways are one of the safest type of roads since traffic on these roads is always traveling in one direction. Divided highways are usually marked with special signs that alert drivers that they are entering or exiting the highway and these road signs frequently appear on the Minnesota permit test, you should learn them to your memory if you want to pass the first time. We cover Minnesota road signs in our permit practice test MN quiz and today we are looking at one of such questions a bit closer.

Learning Minnesota Road Signs

Learning Minnesota road signs has never been easier, you don't have to browse hundreds of publications and skip through numerous pages on the web. You can find a list of all road signs in the official Minnesota drivers manual, the book that is published and distributed free of charge by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The book contains virtually everything you need to know to pass your Minnesota permit test (and yes, it has examples of the road signs that mark divided highways as well).

Here is an easy recipe for passing the drivers permit test the first time you take it:

  1. Download the handbook, go through it at least once
  2. Take one of the permit practice test MN quizzes
  3. Write out the questions you have missed, revisit the corresponding chapters in the book
  4. Take another practice test

Keep doing that until you cover all Minnesota permit test questions, then visit the office and take the real exam.

Practice Test Question


1.Minnesota Practice Permit Test | Road Sign 1 2. Minnesota Practice Permit Test | Road Sign 2  3. Minnesota Practice Permit Test | Road Sign 3  4. Minnesota Practice Permit Test | Road Sign 4

A. 2
B. 4
C. 3
D. 1

You can read the explanation to each one of these road signs below or simply skip to the end of the page to check if your answer is correct.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test MN question suggests that the sign depicted in the second picture is used to mark the end of a divided highway. This is incorrect and you should know that the sign in the picture is called “TWO WAY TRAFFIC AHEAD” and is usually installed on one way streets before they turn into two way streets.

Answer B to the Minnesota practice permit test question states that the road sign number 4 means that the divided highway ends ahead. This looks like the right sign but let's take a look at other options as well.

Answer C to the MN practice permit test question claims that sign number 3 is the one that is installed before the end of the divided highway. This is actually a tricky question and it usually throws quite a few people off, since this is the only sign that actually has words “DIVIDED HIGHWAY” written on it. However, this is not your sign, since the sign depicted in this picture means that the road you are on intersects with a divided highway and shows you the directions you can travel.

Answer D to the Minnesota permit test question tells you that the sign in the first picture is the one. Once again, this is incorrect, the sign in the picture just shows you that the right lane will end so you can merge into another lane safely.

Correct MN Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this road signs permit test question is B.

Practice Permit Test MN | Divided Highways Ends

This question demonstrates a very important point: the pictures on the permit test may not be numbered in the same way as the answers for the question, which means you have to be very attentive while taking your real Minnesota permit test. This question would have been much easier for you to answer if road signs in those pictures were labeled with letters A, B, C and D and you would just choose the correct one. However, the DMV intentionally writes permit test questions in this “strange” to test how attentive you are. Being attentive is very important to being a good safe driver, so these measures are completely justified. Make sure you don't get on this hook and always read the questions carefully, don't rush through the test.

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