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Permit Practice Test Texas Question 86

Following Texas driving rules keeps you safe and sound, but what do you do when another driver is not observing the rules and places you in danger? That's when defensive driving techniques step in. Basic defensive driving techniques are taught to everyone who applies for a learners permit and take the Texas learners permit test. You must learn at least the basics of defensive driving, not because they will allow you to pass the DPS test, but because they may save your life one day. Today we are looking at one of the permit practice test Texas questions that covers the situation when a driver who is traveling towards you does not switch from high beams to low beams.

Practice Permit Question


A. Turn on your high beams
B. Turn off your headlights
C. Sound your horn
D. Flash your high beams

Not sure what the answer is and where you can look it up? There are two ways to go about this. First, you can scroll down to the end of the page and check the answer there. That's the easy way. You can also pull up a copy of the Texas drivers handbook and check the answer there. That's the right way. The reason why you should consider looking for the answer in the DPS handbook is because you are bound to pick up additional information while searching for the answer to this question and there is really no useless information in that book. The learners permit test is based on the info that appears in the book, make sure to read it before you hit the office. We are also reminding those who are under 25 years of age that the state requires all drivers license applicants to take one of the Texas drivers education classes before lodging the application with the state.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test Texas question suggests that the best thing to do when you see that an oncoming vehicle is not switching from high beams to low beams, you should also turn your high beams on. One effect you will certainly reach is that you will blind the other driver just like he is blinding you. Two drivers who cannot see anything speeding towards each other - this does not sound like a good thing, does it?

Answer B to the Texas practice permit test question offers you to completely turn off your headlights. What does this do? This makes you virtually invisible to all other drivers. This is definitely not something you are aiming for, you want all other road users to be able to see you well.

Answer C to the Texas learners permit practice test states that sounding the horn is a good option. Well, it certainly isn't, since no one will be able to understand what you are using the horn for. In most cases, the horn is only used to prevent an accident from happening and to attract the attention of other drivers. You may attract the attention of the driver with high beams on, but it will not let him know what the problem is.

Answer D to the permit practice test Texas question suggests that you flash your high beams couple of times. This sounds like the right thing to do. First, it attracts the other driver's attention. Second, it actually specifies to the other driver what the problem is, you are flashing your high beams so he may check his own headlights.

Correct Answer To The Texas Permit Test

The correct answer to this Texas permit test question is D:


This is the first thing you do if the other driver is blinding you. However, if the other driver does not switch to low beams, you are not to retaliate by turning your high beams on an keeping them on. Try to look to the right side of the road, this will reduce the blinding effect and let the other driver pass.

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