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Oregon DMV Practice Test Question 111

Today we will look at yet another traffic signal you may encounter on the road. This is not a signal you see too frequently, but it does come up on public roads and you are expected to know how to react when you see it and yes, questions on traffic signals do come up on the Oregon permit test! Amazingly, despite the fact that we learn to use traffic lights from a very young age, people still manager to fail to answer questions on traffic signals correctly! Make sure not to skip the section on traffic signals in the drivers handbook and take a full Oregon DMV practice test before you go into the office for the real thing!

DMV Practice Test Question


A. A slow sign
B. A yield sign
C. A stop sign
D. An intersection sign

Before we start working on this question, we wanted to remind everyone who is thinking of applying for the Oregon learners permit soon to study the official Oregon drivers manual which is supplied by the state DMV. There is simply no better free DMV test study guide than this book, it has been developed by the state specifically for helping everyone learn the rules of the road, road signs and safe driving techniques. Sure, you could pay for a commercial Oregon drivers ed class, but why spend hundreds of dollars on something you can obtain absolutely free of charge? Everything you need to know for the Oregon permit test is in the book, just download a copy off the DMV website, go over it once or twice and then start taking Oregon DMV practice tests! Once you pass the test, don't throw the book away, it is sure to come in handy when you will decide to review the laws and driving rules before taking your Oregon driving test!

DMV Test Answers

Answer A to the Oregon DMV practice test question states that a flashing red traffic signal is equivalent to the “slow sign”. If you already went through the book, you should remember that a “slow” sign may be used by road workers to slow down traffic in places where people work next to active traffic lanes. A flashing red signal is not equal to this sign, though.

Answer B to this DMV Oregon practice test question suggests that a flashing red signal must be treated in the same way as a yield sign. Unfortunately, there is no traffic signal that is equivalent to a yield sign, the next closest thing is a flashing yellow light which requires you to use caution when approaching the intersection, but does not require you to yield the right of way to cross traffic.

Answer C to the DMV Oregon practice permit test question states that a flashing red signal works just like a stop sign does. This is the most reasonable answer so far, but let's look at the last answer that is provided to us. ALWAYS read all answers before choosing the right one.

Answer D to the Oregon DMV knowledge test question tells us that a flashing red signal is equivalent to an intersection sign. An intersection sign warns you about an intersection ahead on the road and usually show you how the roads join each other. There is no traffic signal that can convey this information.

Correct DMV Knowledge Test Answer

The correct answer to this Oregon DMV practice test question is C:


At an intersection with a flashing red traffic signal you must stop completely, check for pedestrians and cross traffic to clear the intersection before you go again. Slowing down without coming to a complete stop is illegal and punishable by a large fine.

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