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Practice Permit Test GA Question 7

From our experience, sample questions on parking is what most people struggle with. The reason why people are sometimes not able to answer these practice permit test GA sample questions on parking is because they never try to imagine the mechanics involved in the process and the consequences of their actions should something go awry. Since questions on parking always appear on the Georgia learners permit test and the official permit book does not go into details of parking uphill and downhill, we decided to go over this topic in detail.

Learners Permit Question

Today's question from the Georgia permit practice test is as following:

“If parking downhill and the curb is absent, your front wheels must be turned:”

You can choose one of the following answers. Remember, only one answer to the sample question is correct, if you think that two of them fit, just choose the one you think is best.

A. Towards the road
B. Parallel to the road
C. Towards the side of the road
D. The direction your wheels are pointing does not matter when you are parked downhill.

Let's work through the answers together to find the correct one.

Answers to Sample Question

Sample permit test questions on parking are not hard if you think about what happens to the vehicle if the parking brake fails. In the event when the parking brake fails, the vehicle starts rolling. It always rolls downhill, so if you are parked downhill, it rolls forward, it you are parked uphill, it will roll backwards. The way you point your wheels will affect the direction your car will take, i.e. it may either roll off the road, it can be stopped by a curb, if there is one present or it may keep on rolling downhill, picking up speed and end up damaging another vehicle or injuring someone. That's why questions on parking are always present on the Georgia permit test, you must always remember how to correctly park the vehicle on a hill.

Answer A to the Georgia permit practice test tells us that the wheels must be turned towards the road. Remember, there is no curb present, so if you turn your wheels toward the road and your car starts rolling forward, it will end up right across the road, blocking other traffic. This is definitely not something we want.

Answer B to this practice permit test GA sample question suggests that the wheels should be parallel to the road. With this option, it wouldn't even matter whether there is a curb or not, if the car start rolling downhill, it will just roll all the way down, unless it hits something it the middle. This is probably the worst option since the uncontrolled vehicle can do a lot of damage when it picks up some speed. Never leave your wheels parallel to the road when parked on the hill.

Answer C to the GA permit practice test question wants us to turn the wheels towards the side of the road. Remember, there's no curb, so if the wheels are turned towards the side of the road, the vehicle will just roll off it. Now, while this is also undesirable, it is still much better than having the vehicle roll all the way downhill, picking up speed, or have roll left onto the road where someone may crash into it. So far, this is the best option.

Answer D to the learners permit practice test GA sample quiz tells us that when you are parked downhill and there is no curb, it does not matter which way the wheels are turned. Answers A, B and C clearly show that the way you position your wheel does matter, so answer D is incorrect.

Correct Answer To The Learners Permit Practice Test GA

Parking Downhill | Georgia Permit Practice Test“No Curb — Turn your wheels inward, toward the edge of the road.
Uphill Against a Curb — Turn your wheels outward, toward the travel lane.
Downhill Against a Curb — Turn your wheels inward, toward the curb.”

Most of you already guessed that the correct answer to this question is C - you need to turn your wheels towards the side of the road when parked downhill on a road with no curb. While this sample question isn't really covered by the Georgia permit book, you may still get it on the permit test and have to know the right answer. Make sure to read the question attentively each time as presence/absence of the curb and your position on the road (uphill/downhill) changes the answer. Good luck at the DDS!

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