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Texas Behind The Wheel Record Log - DL-91B

Behind The Wheel Record Log - DL-91B

If you are applying for your Texas drivers license and you are taking one of the Texas parent taught drivers education classes, you may be required to present the Behind The Wheel Record Log - DL-91B - when you visit the DPS.

Where Can I Obtain The Behind The Wheel Record Log

The behind the wheel record log for Texas drivers ed course is located in the DPS parent taught drivers education package. The package also contains the Classroom instruction log that needs to be presented at the time when you apply for your Texas learners permit.

Can I Download DL-91B

Unfortunately, you cannot download the DL-91B form at the moment. The DPS does not make these forms public and if you need a replacement for the form, you have to get in touch with the DPS.

What Else Do I Need

If you went through the drivers education class and you are applying for the drivers license, you have to present: