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Free Permit Test Questions - Free Permit Questions

Free Permit Test Questions - Free Permit Questions

When the time comes to apply for a drivers license, many first-time applicants start looking for some study materials and free permit test questions become a primary source of information. Although there is nothing wrong with taking a free permit test and checking out the questions you may encounter on your actual DMV exam, you should not limit yourself to practicing the exams.

Sources of Information

You might have already started taking the permit practice tests, you may be just thinking about it and one of the questions that come to your mind is “where do I find the answers to the DMV permit test?”. The answer is your state drivers manual. The drivers manual, which is also known as a DMV handbook, is an up-to-date compilation of the state driving rules and regulations and most of the DMV exams are based on the information put forth in this book. So if you have not grabbed a copy of the manual yet, now may be the time to do so.

Drivers Education - The Answer to All Your Questions

This is the option which is quite often overlooked by many students and the reason for this is usually the price. Drivers education classes do not come cheap (well, they usually don’t) and this deters many people from taking the course. We understand that there can be many good uses for those couple of hundreds of dollars, the price tag you may have seen on some driving schools. The good news is that unless your state specifically requires you to take an in-class drivers ed course, you may settle for a cheaper online version. They can be as cheap as $20-$40 and will give you a complete overview of the state driving rules and regulations.

Why Do Schools Sells Permit Practice Tests if There Are Free Permit Questions Available?

The idea of being able to find some free permit test questions is great. Of course, why would you want to pay for something if it is offered free of charge? The fact which is sometimes overlooked is that free permit tests are not always as good as the ones you may purchase from a professional driving school. Although the basic driving rules stay the same, the government keeps on changing a number of regulations that relate to driving safety and the free permit practice tests may not always reflect the updated info. Of course, there is no guarantee that the driving school updates its database of questions frequently, but at least you can check that with the school representative.

We are not saying that free practice permit questions are useless - they are certainly not. You just need to know their limitations when you make your choice.