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Texas Classroom Instruction Log - DL-91A

Classroom Instruction Log - DL-91A

If you are looking for the DL-91A form, chances are that you are currently taking a Texas drivers education class. The classroom instruction log should be presented at the DPS when you go to apply for your learners permit or drivers license.

Where Can I Obtain DL 91A

The classroom instruction log is included in the Parent taught drivers education package that you receive from the DPS originally, along with the Behind The Wheel Record Log - DL-91B. If you misplace the forms, you will need to contact the DPS for a replacement.

Can I Download Classroom Instruction Log

No, you cannot download the DL-91 form, the DPS does not make such forms public. The replacement form must be ordered from the DPS directly.

Why Do I Need DL-91A

The classroom log must be presented when you apply for your Texas learners permit along with the following: