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NC Practice Permit Test Question 124

Questions from the North Carolina permit test that cover parking rules are among the most hated permit test questions out there: when you start studying, it seems like there are hundreds of different regulations to remember. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to memorize all NC parking rules, the only way to learn them is to spend some time reading the book and taking practice permit test NC questions that cover these rules. Today we are covering one of the questions that covers parking close to emergency vehicles. Check out the full NC practice permit test for more sample question on parking rules!

North Carolina Permit Test Study Guide

Those looking for a free study guide that can aid in preparing for the NC permit test should definitely check out the authentic North Carolina learners permit book that is published and distributed absolutely free of charge by the North Carolina DMV. The book has everything you need to know to successfully pass the NC DMV sign test and answer all questions on traffic laws, in fact, it even has information that will help you prepare for your North Carolina driving test. Compliment the book with some permit practice test NC study questions and you should be able to fly through the knowledge exam!

Practice Permit Test Question


A. 25
B. 100
C. 200
D. 400

NC Permit Test Answer

Answer A to the NC practice permit test question states that you cannot park closer than 20 feet to an emergency vehicle that has its flashing lights on. This is incorrect. You cannot park within 25 feet of the curb line of an intersecting street, but this has nothing to do with emergency vehicles.

Answer B to the NC permit practice test question suggests that you cannot park closer than 100 feet to an emergency vehicle that has its emergency lights on. Looks reasonable, let's see what other options hold for us.

Answer C to the permit practice test NC question states that you should park at least 200 feet away from an emergency vehicle. This is not true, you cannot park on the shoulder of a paved highway if your vehicle cannot be seen by approaching drivers from both directions for a distance of at least 200 feet.

Answer D to the practice permit test NC quiz tells us that you cannot park within 400 feet of an emergency vehicle. This is actually a trick answer, because you cannot park within 400 feet of a fire or fire truck outside the city. A firetruck is an emergency vehicle, so many people pick this answer. However, there is a separate rule that concerns all emergency vehicles, not just trucks, and you should apply that rule when answering the question.

Correct Answer To The North Carolina Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this learners permit test question is B:


This rule was implemented to protect those who work in the emergency response services on highways every day and is part of a larger effort that has a number of other rules and requirements, such as the “move over” law. You should not park closer than 100 feet to an emergency vehicle that is responding to an emergency call because your vehicle may prevent other drivers from seeing emergency workers and this may lead to a traffic accident.

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