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Practice Permit Test NC Question 97

Great roads that we have today allow us to travel at high speed and get to places much quicker then before. The downside of high speed driving is that everything happens very quickly and you need to be prepared to react to the ever changing on road conditions. Successfully passing the North Carolina permit test requires you to answer a number of questions on defensive driving and accident prevention, but this is not the only reason why you should learn these techniques. It is much easier to react to a situation when you know exactly what needs to be done, so you don't have to waste time about choosing the best approach to the situation and start acting right away. Today we are looking at one of the practice permit test NC questions that deal with accident prevention. Make sure to check out the complete North Carolina practice permit test before you visit the office and take your NC permit test.

Practice Test Question


A. Flash your headlights
B. Sound your horn
C. Wave your arms
D. Use your emergency lights

Don't know the answer to this sample permit test question? Brush up on North Carolina traffic laws by reading the official NC DMV handbook! The book has everything you need and most of the first time North Carolina drivers permit applicants won't need any additional study resources or study aids to be able to pass the permit exam. Of course, this does not mean that you cannot strive for perfection! You can definitely choose to take a practice test or even subscribe for one of the North Carolina drivers education courses, this will give you that extra edge during the permit test!

NC Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test NC sample question states that flashing your headlights is the best thing to do to prevent another car from hitting you. While flashing your headlights would certainly attract attention of anyone driving towards you or merging onto your road some distance away, it will not be visible for someone who is approaching you from the side and thus is not the best choice.

Answer B to the permit practice test NC question suggests that sounding the horn is a great way to avoid a traffic accident. This sounds like a good option - a loud signal will be heard by all drivers around you and it is bound to attract everyone's attention. Let's take a look at other answers.

Answer C to the NC practice permit test claims that waiving your arms is the most effective accident prevention technique. You should know that in dangerous situation, you should keep your hands on the steering wheel, as this will allow you to steer more effectively. Even if you start waiving your arms, other drivers will not be able to see that and will not understand the meaning of this, so this is definitely not the right thing to do.

Answer D to the NC learner's permit practice test offers you to use your emergency lights when another car is in danger of hitting you. While using emergency lights usually does a good job of displaying your position on the road to other drivers and attracts their attention, it may be too late to use them in this situation. If another car is in danger of hitting you, it means that most likely the other driver did not notice your vehicle, so he will definitely not notice your emergency lights.

Correct NC Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this North Carolina permit test question is B:


This looks like a very simple advice, maybe even somewhat naive, but you have to make sure to follow it if you are ever in such situation. You should use the horn whenever you think that other road users cannot see you, for example, if you see a child who may run into the street or a pedestrian who is crossing the road. Of course, sounding your horn should not be the only thing you do and you need to take other actions to reduce the chance of a collision, such as slowing down, if it is appropriate or take evasive actions if you have enough space.

If you want to learn more about defensive driving techniques and accident prevention, make sure to check out the complete North Carolina practice permit test, there are more questions like this in the test!

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