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Permit Practice Test NC Question 74

Backing up is one of the maneuvers you will have to master to be able to pass your North Carolina driving test, there are also questions related to backing up on the North Carolina permit test. The reason why the DMV places such great importance on learning this maneuver is because when you are backing up, your field of vision is very limited and this increases your chances of colliding with another vehicle or a pedestrian. This sample question on backing up was taken from our permit practice test NC sample quiz, if you are preparing for your permit test, make sure to take the sample exam couple of times before you hit the office.

Practice Test Question


A. Rely on your mirrors to see if it is clear to proceed
B. Flash your lights
C. Open your door to see if it is clear to proceed
D. Turn your head and look through the rear window

Keep in mind that you can always find the correct answer to this and other permit test questions in the North Carolina drivers handbook that is available absolutely free of charge from the NV DMV website. Your permit test is based on the information presented in that book and you should read it before you start taking any practice exams.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test NC question states that we need to rely on the mirrors to see if it is clear to proceed before backing up. While you should definitely check your mirrors before you start backing up, you should never rely only on the mirrors. Remember that there are blind spots that are not covered by the mirrors.

Answer B to the practice permit test NC question suggests that you flash your lights before backing up. There is simply no point in doing so since no one located behind you will be able to see your headlights anyway.

Answer C to the NC practice permit test question tells you to open your door to see if it is clear to proceed. The problem with this approach is that you will only see one side of your vehicle and you will miss everything located on the other side.

Answer D to the North Carolina permit test question offers you to turn your head and look through the rear view window. This sounds reasonable, let's see if it is right.

Correct Answer To The NC Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this North Carolina permit test question is D:


Turning your head and looking over your right shoulder gives you the widest field of vision so you can take in the most of what's located behind your vehicle. Here are a few rules for backing up suggested by the North Carolina DMV:

  1. Check the space behind the vehicle before you get in, there may be object lying on the driveway that you will not be able to see from the drivers seat
  2. Check all your mirrors, make sure that the space behind you is clear
  3. Turn your head and look over your right shoulder, steer with your left hand while backing up
  4. Go very slowly since it is much harder to control the vehicle when you are backing up. Going over 10 mph is unreasonable.

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