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Kentucky Practice Permit Test Question 24

Road signs have always been an important part of the Kentucky permit test and learning the signs is what many motorists start with. We think that this is not the best approach and you should probably learn traffic rules before you proceed to learning the signs, as it will make much easier to understand what they require you to do when you already know most of the rules. Our Kentucky practice permit test has a number of questions on road signs and today we will be looking at one of such sample questions.

Practice Permit Test Question

“The road sign in the picture is:”

Road Sign - Triangle, Orange, Red Outline | Kentucky Practice Permit Test A. A yield sign
B. A stop sign
C. A “slow moving vehicle” sign
D. A “no passing zone” sign

Keep in mind that you can find all road signs that are used on Kentucky roads in the drivers handbook. The book is published by the DMV and you can download it free of charge on the DMV website.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Kentucky practice permit test question suggests that this is a yield sign. Why those who are just starting to learn the rules of the road may confuse this sign for a yield sign, due to its shape and red outline, it wouldn't be correct to do so. A yield sign is an inverted white triangle with a red outline which may have a black “YIELD” sign printed on it.

Answer B to the Kentucky permit practice test question tells us that this is a stop sign. Anyone who has ever seen a stop sign would never confuse it for the sign presented in the picture. Stop signs always have the shape of an octagon (it has eight sides), it is red and it has “STOP” printed on it.

Answer C to the KY permit practice test question tells us that this sign marks a slow moving vehicle. So far, this is the best answer out there.

Answer D to the practice permit test KY sample question suggests that this sign marks a “no passing” zone. While some student may mistake the sign in the picture for the sign that marks a “no passing” zone due to the similarities in shape, experienced drivers will never make the same mistake.

Correct Answer To The Sample Question

The correct answer to this Kentucky permit test question is C:

“The road sign in the picture is a “slow moving vehicle” sign”

The sign is designed in such way as to be highly visible both during the day and by night. According to the KY drivers manual, during daylight hours you will see the fluorescent orange triangle in the center of the symbol, while at night, the reflective red border of the symbol will glow in the headlights of your vehicle. If you see this sign, be prepared to slow down as the vehicle is traveling at lower speed than the rest of traffic.

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