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Permit Practice Test MD Question 59

All road signs can be divided into a few groups: regulatory signs, warnings signs and guide signs. You can easily distinguish road signs from each one of these groups by their shape and color. Questions on road signs always appear on the MVA permit test and today we are looking at one of such questions that covers guide signs. Guide signs help direct you to cities and towns, provide information about intersecting roads and other points of interest, such as hospitals, service stations and motels. Remember that our permit practice test MD sample quiz has more questions on Maryland road signs, so make sure to check if out before you hit the real test at the MVA.

Maryland Practice Test Question

Looking for other ways to study? Make sure to check out the official MVA handbook, it is available on the MVA website absolutely free of charge and the Maryland permit test is based on the information that appears in the book. There is simply no permit test question the book doesn't answer, there is no excuse to not reading it before going to the MVA office.


A. Orange with black letters
B. Green with white letters
C. Yellow with black letters
D. Red with white letters

Think you know the right answer? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to check if you are right! Read on if you want to learn why other answers are incorrect!

MVA Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this permit practice test MD sample question suggests that guide signs are usually orange with black letters on them. If you studied the book, you should know that orange color is usually reserved for work area and construction zone signs. These are similar to warning signs, but they use brighter colors since they are of higher priority than regular warning signs.

Answer B to to the MVA permit test question tells us that guide signs are usually green with white letters. This sounds about right, but let's look at other options we have, don't rush with marking the right answer just yet.

Answer C to the Maryland practice permit test question claims that highway signs are yellow with black letter. By now you should know that yellow diamond shaped signs are warning signs, they warn you about possible hazards so you have time to react to the danger ahead.

Answer D to this practice permit test MD sample question suggests that red signs with white letters are used as guide signs in Maryland. Once again, this is not true. Red and white are reserved for regulatory signs in every state around the country. Regulatory signs tell you what you must do or must not do and they must be observed at all times.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Maryland permit test question is B:


Since guide signs are informational by nature, a neutral green color is used. These signs are not of the highest priority to the driver, so they don't need to stand out as much as regulatory signs or warning signs do. Green highways and expressway guide signs usually provide information about intersecting roads, upcoming exits and directions to various town and cities.

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