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New Jersey Practice Permit Test Question 53

Sharing the road with other users is an important skill for every driver. It becomes even more important if you live in an overpopulated area where traffic can become congested at times and the road is used by motorcyclists, bicycles and a large number of pedestrians. Knowing and understanding a few simple rules about sharing the road with those who choose a two-wheeler will ensure their safety. Today's New Jersey practice permit test question deals with passing bicyclists, as such questions frequently appear on the real NJ DMV permit test.

Practice Test Question

Before we get down to the question itself, we wanted to remind you that you may find all answers to the New Jersey permit test in the official drivers handbook. The book is free, it can be downloaded off the DMV website absolutely free of charge and there is no excuse to not using it before you go down to the office to take your permit test.


A. Blast your horn to alert the bicyclist
B. Move as far left as possible
C. Remain in the center of the lane
D. Put on your four-way flashers

Think you know the answer? Check if you are correct at the bottom of the page. Those who want to learn not only the correct answer but also the reason why the answer is correct - read on.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this New Jersey permit practice test question tells us that you need to blast your horn to alert the bicyclist when passing him. Can you see anything wrong with this? Sure, you would alert the cyclist to your presence, but then you may actually scare him into doing something unexpected. You should use your horn to prevent an accident only, do not try to warn cyclists about your intent to pass by blasting the horn.

Answer B to the New Jersey practice permit test question suggests that you move as far left as possible. This seems reasonable, to allow the cyclist as much space before you pass him as possible. Even though the bicycle is quite small and cyclists usually don't need much space, they may unexpectedly swerve to avoid a pothole or another danger you can't see and this will take them right under your wheels if you don't leave them enough space.

Answer C to the NJ permit test practice quiz question tells us that you need to remain in the center of the lane when passing bicyclists. We already discussed in the previous answer as to why this is not the best option. Try to leave as much space to the cyclist as possible when you are passing him.

Answer D to this practice NJ permit test question claims that putting on your four-way flashers is the way to go. This is actually completely pointless, since the cyclist will most likely fail to see the flashers while they will confuse other drivers who may think that you are having some kind of an emergency. This is certainly not the best idea out there.

Correct Answer To The NJ Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this NJ permit test question is B:


Remember this when you are sharing the road with ciclists. In fact, there is a minimum interval or 4 feet that you need to maintain between yourself and the cyclist when passing him. Keep in mind: this is the minimum space, no one will fine you for overdoing this a little, but you will definitely get busted if you don't allow at least that much space to the cyclist. In fact, the state cares so much about the safety of cyclists that you are even allowed to cross the double solid yellow line if it is necessary to pass the cyclist safely. According to the official New Jersey drivers manual, forcing the cyclist off the road may even result in criminal charges.

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