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Permit Practice Test Florida Question 54

Learning the road signs may seem hard, however you should not get discouraged by that. There are really not that many things that are more important than learning traffic signs and there is no way you can pass your Florida permit test without learning them. Luckily, there are a few easy rules you need to remember that will help you learn them much faster. Try to start by memorizing the signs by shape and color before you proceed to learning the individual signs. Today, we are looking at one of the permit practice test Florida sample questions on regulatory signs.

Practice Test Question

Before you hit the question, we wanted to remind you to always read the official Florida drivers handbook prior to taking the knowledge test at the DMV. The book has answers to all Florida permit test question, so don't dismiss the opportunity to get your hands on these free study materials. You can either download the book free of charge or you may order a copy to be mailed to you (you will have to pay the printing and shipping costs in this case).


Regulatory Sign | Florida Permit Test A. You must turn left or right
B. You are approaching a T-intersection
C. The road that you are on intersects with a divided highway
D. Designates an overpass above a divided highway

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Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Florida learners permit practice test question suggests that the sign requires you to turn left or right. This is not correct, you are not required to make a turn when you see this sign and you can just travel straight through the intersection.

Answer B to the Florida permit practice test question tells us that the sign in the picture warns us that there is a T intersection ahead. This is not true, since T intersections are usually marked with warning signs and, as we know, warning signs are diamond-shaped and they are usually orange.

Answer C to the permit practice test Florida question claims that this sign means that the road you are on intersects with a divided highway. This seems like the best answer so far, let's look at the last option.

Answer D to this Florida permit test question suggests that the sign in the picture designates an overpass above a divided highway. When you think about it, there is really not much sense in the existence of such sign. An overpass is an overpass, it really does not matter whether the highway below is divided or not.

Correct Answer To The Practice Question

The correct answer to this Florida permit test question is C:


This really does not matter much if you are traveling straight through the intersection, however it makes a world of difference if you need to make a turn, especially if it is a left turn. Essentially, a divided highway is like two one way roads going in the opposite directions. When you enter the intersection, you can only go straight or turn right. If you want to make a left turn, you have to travel past the road divider. Remember, starting from this point on, you can either make a turn left or go straight, you cannot go right or you will end up on the wrong way street.

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