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Older Drivers On The Road

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that drivers license holders 74 years old and older are involved in 6 road accidents that result in human death per 100 million miles driven, which is just under the similar estimate for teens.

At the moment, most of the states do not have laws that would require elderly drivers to take mandatory roads tests. Only Illinois and New Hampshire have the corresponding laws, according to which all drivers who are older than 75 must be submitted to compulsory road testing. On the contrary, Nevada residents can obtain a valid drivers license when they are 16 and keep it for the rest of their lives, without the need to confirm their ability to drive throughout this period. Texas stands somewhere in between, having drivers license holders who are over 79 to come in for license renewals and visions tests. However, there is no mandatory driving test for the license holders, the driving test may or may not be administered per the DPS employee judgment.

Clearly, this situation should change. Everyone has the right to drive, but it must be done a way that does not endanger lives of others around us. Just like teens are subjected to compulsory drivers education classes in most states, so should other drivers be subjected to regular testing, to ensure that they are fit to drive a motor vehicle.