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Free Drivers Education

Free Drivers Ed Course

Many people search the internet for a free drivers ed course. However, there is virtually no such thing as a free drivers education program; all of them would require you to submit a payment for taking the course.

Drivers Ed - evaluate for free, pay if you like it!

Many companies will allow you to evaluate their drivers ed course before you actually submit your payment. This is a good way for you to evaluate the course and get a feel of how the course works and what kind of materials you can expect to see throughout the program. It does not cost anything for the company to offer this evaluation trial portion of the course and it usually allows customers to compare between different drivers ed products available on the market.

Drivers education books at the DMV

This is actually a common misunderstanding. The DMV does not offer you free drivers ed courses. What the DMV may provide you with is a free drivers handbook (may also be called driver manual). The DMV handbook is usually available for download from the DMV website or you may also choose to pick up a paper copy from your local DMV office. The DMV driver manual contains a lot of crucial information and will be sufficient for the majority of driver license or learners permit applicants to pass their knowledge test. However, if your state requires you to complete a state-approved driver education course, you will need to purchase one of the online drivers education courses or attend a local driving school to be able to take the program and receive your official driver education certificate.

Drivers education courses with partial payment

Can I take the course now and pay later? Can I pay with multiple payments?

Well, most of the drivers education course providers will offer convenient payment plans to you. The market is full of the companies offering such services, so if you do not feel comfortable with paying the full price at the beginning of the course - talk to customer support or go somewhere else. A call to the company’s office can take you a very long way, so do not hesitate to contact your driver education class provider.

Why is my drivers education class not free?

The answer to this question is very simple - it cost money to develop and run such courses. Companies invest a great amount of cash into developing the product and then marketing it so it can reach the final consumer. You cannot expect them to do this from the sheer love of the humanity.

Free permit test

Although you may not take a drivers ed course free of charge, you may take free DMV practice tests that will allow you to sample your current level of knowledge and prepare you for the real permit test at the DMV.