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CA DMV Practice Test Question 116

While most of us are used to the ref traffic signal prohibiting any further movement or actions, there are certain maneuvers you perform under the red traffic signal. Making a right turn is one of such maneuvers, provided you do it correctly and follow additional safety precautions. Today we are covering one of the CA DMV practice test questions that is very similar to what you may encounter during the real California permit test, since almost every test paper has questions on traffic signals. If you want to practice more questions like the one below, make sure to check out the complete free California DMV practice test!

Sample DMV Question

One thing we wanted to remind everyone before we start working on this question is that you should always read the California drivers handbook before you start working on any sample questions. The reason why you should do this is because the book will give you a much more thorough overview of the state driving laws, you could truly call it “the ultimate California permit test study guide” as it does teaches you everything you need to know to be able to pass the knowledge test. Read the book if you have not done so yet, then come back to study practice sample questions!


A. Stop first and check for traffic and pedestrians
B. Have a right turn red arrow
C. Are in the left lane
D. Slow down first

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this California DMV practice test question states that you may turn right on red if you stop first and check for traffic and pedestrians. This sounds reasonable and safe enough, but let's look at what other questions have to offer to us.

Answer B to the CA DMV practice test suggests that you may turn right on red only if you have a right turn red arrow. This is incorrect and a red arrow actually forbids movement in the direction the arrow is pointing in.

Answer C to the California DMV practice permit test question states that you may turn right on red if you are in the left lane. This answer should strike you with its strangeness and you should be able to cross it out quite easily. In most cases, you are not allowed to make a turn right if you are standing in a left lane, unless otherwise directed by signs and pavement markings.

Answer D to the DMV CA practice test tells us that you may turn right on red if you slow down first. This is incorrect and simply slowing down does not allow you to make a turn.

Correct Answer to the CA DMV Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this California permit test question is A:


Remember that you must treat a red traffic light as if it was a stop sign before you can go ahead and make a right turn. You must come to a complete stop and you need to look out for other traffic and pedestrians. You must yield to cross traffic and pedestrians crossing the street and you must make sure that your maneuver is safe before turning.

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