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Texas Practice Permit Test Question 65

Yellow school buses have become an iconic image throughout the whole country a long time ago. Everyone knows that yellow buses transport children, yet not everyone knows what precautions need to be taken when driving near a school bus and fail to observe them. Since questions on sharing the road and yielding the right of way to school buses frequently appear on the Texas drivers permit test, we decided to go ahead and cover these question in our Texas practice permit test. Today we are looking at one of such Texas permit test questions that deals with passing the school bus.

Permit Test Study Guide

One of the most frequent questions that we see is “how can I prepare for my Texas permit test”? This is understandable, since first time license applicants have trouble getting started with the whole application procedure, there is just too much information to absorb right there and then.

When it comes to studying for the learners permit test, there is no better way to prepare for the exam than by reading the official Texas drivers handbook. The book contains all answers to the Texas learners permit test, the exam is actually based on the information in this book, this is what makes the manual so invaluable. Make sure you read the handbook before you start taking the online practice test.

Practice Test Question


A. All children have exited the bus already
B. Other cars have already started moving
C. Other drivers are signaling you to go
D. The bus driver is signaling you to go

Think you know the answer to this Texas drivers permit test question already? Check if you are right at the end of the page. Otherwise, read on for an explanation to each one of these answers.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Texas practice permit test question tells us that we may pass a school bus that is displaying red flashing light if we see that all children have already left the bus. Does this sound right to you? What if you simply cannot see all of the children? What if one of the kids who already exited the bus starts crossing the street? This is definitely not a good answer.

Answer B to the permit practice test Texas sample question tells us that it is all right to go when other cars started moving. Do you see anything wrong with this option? What if other cars are breaking the law, does that permit you to do the same thing? It certainly doesn't.

Answer C to the Texas learners permit practice test question tells us to go if other drivers are signaling you to go. Just like with the previous answer, this is not the best option out there. While communicating with other drivers is important without any doubt, other drivers cannot actually tell you what to do on the road and certainly do not have the authority to allow you to pass a school bus with red lights flashing.

Answer D to the Texas permit practice test question suggests that it is all right to go when the bus driver is signaling you to do so. This sounds like a reasonable option, since if the driver simply cannot switch the flashing lights off, he needs some way of letting you know that you can go ahead and pass the bus.

Correct Answer To The Learners Test Question

The correct answer to this Texas learners permit test question is D:


Remember that in most cases, you are not allowed to pass the school bus that has its red flashing lights on. You must stop and wait until:

  1. The school bus has resumed motion;
  2. You are signaled by the driver to proceed; or
  3. The red lights are no longer flashing.

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