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New Permit Rules for Texas Drivers Ed - Parent Taught Courses Also Affected

New Permit Rules for Texas Drivers Ed - Parent Taught Courses Also Affected

As of May 01, 2010 the new rules regarding Texas drivers education classes went into effect. Starting May 01, every teenager who signs up for one of the Texas driver ed classes will have to complete at least 34 hours of driving before applying for a drivers license.

The changes are part of the major campaign that aims at reducing a number of traffic accidents among young drivers. The changes started in September 2009, when the state mandated that all teenagers have to take a road skills test before they can be issued with a drivers license. Previously, students who participated in a state-approved drivers education program could avoid taking the test if their parents considered it to be unnecessary. From September 2009, everyone who was under 18 years of age has to prove their driving skills to the Department of Public Safety.

The second part of the campaign for safe roads began in March 2010. Beginning March of this year, drivers license applicants who are between 18 and 24 years old have to complete an adult driver safety course before they can be issued with a drivers license.

Finally, came the latest change - the number of driving hours for students are participating in drivers education classes has increased dramatically from just 14 to 34 hours. The law also mandates that now at least 10 of those hours must be completed during night time. The changes affect both the conventional and parent taught drivers education classes.

All these changes were designed to make Texas roads safer for both the new drivers and those who surround them. Lack of driving experience is the number one cause of traffic accidents and increasing the number of supervised driving hours should have a profound effect on the number of traffic accidents in the state.

Getting a Drivers License in Texas

The requirements for obtaining a drivers license or learners permit in Texas largely depend on how old you are, however, there are a few basic steps everyone has to go through:

  1. Apply for your learners permit. Visit the DPS office and take the DPS permit test (you may want to take a practice test first).
  2. Get your drivers permit. The permit is subject to the permit rules that you have to observe.
  3. Gain some driving experience. Drive under the supervision of another licensed driver. Try to get as many driving hours as possible.
  4. Take the drivers license test. The road skills test examiner will ask you to demonstrate that you are able to cope with every on - road challenge.
  5. Get your drivers license.

Teens and applicants under 24 years of age are also required to go through compulsory drivers education and driver safety programs before they can be issued with a valid drivers license.