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Texas Drivers License Practice Test Question 29

Passing is one of the most dangerous things you will do on the road. Mistakes made while passing other vehicles are usually very costly since they may results in a high-speed collision. This is why learning to pass other vehicles correctly is very important and you will almost definitely see a question on passing on your Texas drivers permit test. Let's go over a similar sample question from our Texas drivers license practice test that was designed to help you learn the rules of safe passing.

Drivers License Practice Question

“Passing and driving on the left side of the road is NOT forbidden:”

A. In “No Passing Zones”
B. On hills
C. On curves
D. Within 150 feet of a tunnel

Please note that this sample question is asking you to select the situation in which passing is NOT forbidden. Make sure to read question on the Texas drivers permit test attentively before you select the right answer, quite a few mistakes are made because students simply fail to understand the question.

Answers to this and other sample questions for the Texas permit test can be found in the official Texas handbook. Make sure to read the book before you visit the DPS.

Practice Test Answers

Answer A to this Texas drivers license practice test question tells us that passing is not forbidden in “No passing zones”. The only way someone could select this answer is if he or she did not read the question and is trying to choose the option where passing IS forbidden. Never pass other vehicles in zones that have been marked with “no passing” pavement markings or road signs.

Answer B to the Texas drivers permit practice test suggests that you can pass vehicles on hills. This is incorrect, you cannot pass other vehicles on hills for a number of reasons. First of all, if you are going uphill, you cannot see over it, the visibility is very limited and you simply won't have time to react should a vehicle appear from over the hill. Another thing to consider when going uphill is that if the hill is steep, your vehicle may not have enough power to accelerate at the same rate you're used to and so you will require more time to pass the vehicle in front of you. When speeding downhill, the danger is that your brakes will need to apply a much larger force to slow the vehicle down, which may cause them to overheat and fail.

Answer C to the Texas drivers handbook practice test tells us that you can pass other vehicles on curves. While this maneuver looks great on the racing track, there are no vehicles traveling in the opposite direction there and there is no risk of crashing into them. Make sure not to overtake on curves.

Answer D to the Texas permit practice test suggests that passing is allowed within 150 feet of a tunnel. Seems like this answer is also incorrect, but that's just the first impression.

Correct Drivers Test Answer

The correct answer to this drivers license sample question is D:

“Passing and driving on the left side of the road is NOT forbidden within 150 feet of a tunnel”

The reason why this answer is correct is because the “no passing zone” before a tunnel starts within 100 feet, not 150 feet. The same limitation applies to bridges, viaducts, railroad crossings and intersections: you must be positioned in your lane before you reach this zone, so if were planning on overtaking a vehicle in front of you, either finish the maneuver before this zone begins or wait until you are past the obstacle.

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