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Permit Practice Test GA Question 33

Questions on road signs always appear on the Georgia learners permit test and if you want to pass the test, you will have to learn them all and learn them well. While it may seem hard to learn all the signs at once, once you subdivide them into categories and learn how road signs differentiate by shape and color, the job will become much easier. This permit practice test GA sample question deals with warning signs, the signs that warn you about something up ahead on the road.

Permit Test Question

“The sign depicted in the picture requires you to:”

Georgia Road Signs | Georgia Permit Practice Test A. Keep right
B. Slow down
C. Yield to other vehicle
D. Does not require you to do anything

There is only one correct answer to this Georgia learners permit test question. If you feel that more than one answer fits, select the one that you think is better.

Sample Question Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test GA sample question suggests that this sign requires you to keep right. The sign in the picture is the “added lane sign” and according to the Georgia drivers permit book, it does not require you to keep right.

Answer B to the permit practice test GA quiz tells us that you need to slow down when you see this sign. This is incorrect, you do not need to slow down. In fact, slowing down in this situation may impede other traffic and moving too slow is a violation you can get cited for.

Answer C to this learners permit practice test GA question offers you to yield to other vehicles when you see the sign. The name of this road sign itself, “added lane”, should lead you to think that there is an extra lane for traffic that is merging onto the road and that you do not need to yield the right of way to anyone.

Answer D to the Georgia permit practice test question tells you that you are not required to do anything at all when you see this sign. This answer is absolutely correct.

Correct Answer To The Practice Question

The correct answer to this Georgia permit test question is D:

“The “added lane” sign does not require you to do anything”

The “added lane” road sign belongs to the family of warning signs and they are not called warning signs for no reason. Warning signs warn you about something up ahead on the road, but they do not necessarily force you to act upon it, they are installed to attract your attention to something, that's all. The “added lane” sign just tells you that there will be another lane with traffic traveling in the same direction added to the road up ahead, but since vehicles traveling on that road will have their own dedicated lane, you do not need to merge, keep to the right or yield to anyone, you can just keep on traveling in your own lane at your current speed.

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