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Pennsylvania Learners Permit Application - Form DL 180

If you intend to obtain a learners permit or drivers license in Pennsylvania, you will need to fill in the learners permit application first. Pennsylvania learners permit application form - DL 180 - is available online or you can obtain a copy at any DMV office.

Downloading Form DL 180

The application for Pennsylvania learners permit is provided on the DMV website and you can download it at any time. DL-180 provided as an editable form, so don't rush to print it out, you can fill in most of the information on the computer and then print the application with all your details on it, this will make the form much easier to process when you show up at PennDOT. However, you are not explicitly required to fill the form on the computer and you can just fill it in by hand if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Medical Exam

According to the Pennsylvania laws you are required to get a medical examination before you can be issued with a learners permit. The application form consists of two pages and the second page must be filled in and signed by a medical practitioner. The form is not valid until it is signed by a doctor.

Parental Consent - Form DL 180 TD

Just like in many other states, those who apply for a drivers license before they turn 18 must get parental consent first. The parent accepts responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the young driver and agrees to participate in the supervised driving exercises once the applicant is allowed to drive. The consent form DL 180 TD can also be downloaded from the Internet, but it must be signed in front of a notary public or a DMV representative.