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Pennsylvania Driver License - PA Learner Permit

Pennsylvania Driver License - PA Learner Permit

Getting Started with PA Learner Permit

If you are a teenager seeking to achieve your first Pennsylvania driver license, you may wish to consider taking a state-approved driver education course. The PA driver education course will prepare you for the PA learner permit application, your DMV written test and your future on-road experience. In addition to that, the course allows junior driver license applicants to upgrade to unrestricted driver license before they turn 18. Although Pennsylvania driver license applicants who are older than 18 are not legally required to complete the course, it is still a good idea to do so.

Preparing for the PA Written Permit Test

All Pennsylvania learner permit applicants are required to take the written permit test at the Department of Transportation. Make sure you are prepared for the test, practice free Pennsylvania online permit tests!

Pennsylvania Learner Permit Application

Applying for a Pennsylvania driving permit is easy! Follow these steps to get your learner permit in no time at all!

When you go in for your permit test, you have to:

  1. be at least 16 years old
  2. provide
    Medical Qualification Certificate (form DL-180)
    completed by one of the following:
    physician assistant,
    certified registered nurse practitioner,
  3. complete “Parent or Guardian Consent Form (DL-180TD) if the applicant is under 18. The “Parent or Guardian Consent Form” must be completed by a parent or a guardian.
  4. submit proof of residency (please see the list of the documents accepted for Pennsylvania proof of residency). Note that proof of residency is only needed if you are over 18.
  5. present your SSN
  6. present proof of identity (please see the list of the documents accepted for Pennsylvania proof of identity)
  7. take a vision test
  8. take your written knowledge test for a driving permit
  9. pay the required fee. You will not be able to pay with cash, so you need to bring a money order or check payable to PENNDOT

Upon successfully completing the written test for a permit at the DMV, you will be issued with the instructional permit. The learner permit will be valid for 12 months. During this period, you will have to apply for your Pennsylvania driver license or you will need to renew your Pennsylvania learner permit.

Pennsylvania Learner Permit Restrictions

Although you are allowed to drive with a Pennsylvania learner permit, its main purpose is to allow you to take driving lessons and gain some driving experience before you go for your Pennsylvania driving test. You are not to treat it as an unrestricted driver’s license.

Pennsylvania learner permit restrictions
the permit holder must be accompanied by a supervisor at all time. The supervisor should be at least 21 years old and must hold a valid Pennsylvania driver license. The supervising driver must occupy the front passenger seat.
instructional permit holders should only carry the number of passengers that does not exceed the number of seatbelts in the vehicle
student drivers with Pennsylvania learner permit may not drive between 11pm and 5 am unless accompanied by a licensed driver who is an immediate family member.

Failure to abide to these restrictions may result in cancellation of your instructional permit and refusal to issue you with Pennsylvania driver license.

Practice Driving - Pennsylvania Behind The Wheel

Once you receive your permit, you should start practicing driving with a licensed driver or a professional instructor. You need to receive at least 50 hours of behind the wheel instruction with a licensed driver before you can be eligible to apply for a Pennsylvania driver license.

Application for Pennsylvania Driver License - Pennsylvania Driving Test

If you fulfill all requirements and are ready to take your driving test, you should make an appointment with the PA DMV. You can do it either by calling 1-800-423-5542 or you may also choose to make an appointment online.

Pennsylvania driving test requirements:
the driver license applicant must hold a valid instructional permit
present the log form for the 50 hours of behind the wheel practice (only required if you are under 18 years of age)
present proof that the vehicle used for the test is registered and insured
bring your parents or guardians with you if you are under 18 years of age. They must have their valid driver’s license with them

Please make sure that the vehicle you will be taking the test on meets the following requirements as it will be checked by the DMV representative:

Vehicle requirements for PA driving test
valid insurance
valid registration
valid inspection sticker
valid emissions sticker
operational horn
operational lights
functional turn signals
tires inflated to required pressure
functional wind shield wipers
operational breaks

If the vehicle does not meet these requirements, you will not be allowed to take the Pennsylvania driving test.

If you are under 18 and you pass the road test, you are issued with a junior driver license, which also has certain limitations. The junior driver license limitations and restrictions are removed when the driver reaches the age of 18.

If you are over 18 years old, you are granted the Pennsylvania driver license that has no restrictions.