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Practice Temps Test Ohio Question #3

While most of us hope that they will never be involved in a traffic accident, statistics tell us otherwise. Knowing what to do if you have a traffic accident is very important and this is why we included a large number of sample questions on traffic accidents into our Ohio permit practice test. Today, we will look at the actions you need to take should you hit a parked vehicle and the owner of the vehicle cannot be located. If you want to do more sample questions before you take your Ohio temps test at the BMV, make sure to check out our free Ohio practice temps test.

Practice Temps Test Question

The sample question is as following:

“If you hit a parked car and cannot find the owner, you:”

There are four possible answers to this practice permit question, you can choose only one answer:

A. Call your insurance agent
B. Do not do anything
C. Leave a note for the car owner, either on or in the car
D. Wait for the car owner to show up

In order to figure out which one of the answers is correct, let's have a look at each one of them in more details.

Ohio Temps Test Answers

Answer A of the Ohio permit practice test suggests that you should call your insurance agent if you have an accident that involves an unattended vehicle. It's understandable why you would want to report damages to your insurance agency, the law does not require you to do this right away. Answer A is not the correct answer to this sample question.

Answer B of this practice temps test offers you to not do anything at all. While this is the option that is sometimes chosen by reckless irresponsible drivers, you should know that this is actually a punishable offense that may result in a large fine and possible jail time. This is definitely not the right answer and you get this question on your Ohio temps test, make sure not to select this option.

Answer C of the Ohio practice test offers you to leave a note for the car owner, either on or in the car. Now, this sounds like a good option, to leave your contact details for the car owner to be able to contact you, so once the two of you get together, you will be able to fill in all necessary report forms and file for insurance compensation.

Answer D to the Ohio practice temps test suggests that you wait for the car owner to show up. While this option would definitely allow you to provide the vehicle owner with your insurance information, you may wait for the car owner forever. What if the car was parked and left unattended for a week, would you simply sit there and wait a week until the owner shows up?

Correct Answer to The Ohio Practice Temps Test

The correct answer to this practice temps test question is C - leave a note for the car owner, either in or on the vehicle. According to the current traffic law in Ohio, you can either report this crash to police or leave a note with your contact details for the car owner, so you can choose either of those options (you may refer to the official Ohio drivers manual, page 61 for this information) . Make sure not to leave your address or insurance information at this point, you just need to provide the car owner with some means to contact you, don't leave too much personal information where it can be accessed by anyone.

If the vehicle you damaged is locked, don't try to unlock it or break in to leave your contact details, just leave a note under the windshield wiper. If you don't have any way to leave a note, you can go ahead and use the second option, i.e. notify the police of the matter and they will help you get in touch with the owner.

If you are looking for more sample questions on road rules and traffic accidents, please check out our free permit practice test Ohio sample quiz.

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