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Updates to Practice Permit Test 2013

Hello everyone! Just a quick heads up: we are running updates on the website, adding new sample questions to our practice permit test 2013, correcting some of the old questions, removing those practice questions that are hopelessly outdated. If you will be running into some problems within the next couple of hours, just go grab a bite and come back to the site later today, you'll have more DMV questions to play with!

We know, this may not be the best time to add updates, since it's Christmas and many of you have some time off school and would like to practice your driving chops before sitting the real permit test at the DMV. Coincidentally, Christmas is also the time when we have couple of days we can dedicate to the site and so we are doing as much maintenance as possible, catching up on everything that should have been done ages ago. Writing new practice questions, getting rid of the old ones, making sure everything runs smoothly, trying to prepare for the upcoming 2013 driving season. We have lots of new practice permit tests coming up, so don't go anywhere!