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Practice Permit Test NY Question 28

While road signs may seem confusing at first, they are actually one of the most thought after parts of the road infrastructure and the NYS DMV puts a lot of thought into the design and placement of the signs. All road signs in New York are categorized by shape and color and knowing a few simple rules about these categories of signs may save you a lot of headache on the road as you can quickly prioritize the signs from great distance, without even seeing what's on them. The NYC permit test has a separate section on road signs and you have to learn them all if you want to pass the exam. In today's practice permit test NY sample question we will try to help you learn the basic shapes and colors of the NY road signs.

Practice Permit Test Question

“Yellow diamond-shaped road signs are usually:”

A. Regulation signs
B. Destination signs
C. Warning signs
D. Service signs

Want to look for the answer to this permit test NY question yourself? Just open the official NY drivers handbook and check out part 2: Rules of the Road. If you don't want to look for the answer yourself, just keep on reading!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the practice permit test NY sample question suggests that yellow diamond-shaped road signs are regulation signs. Regulation signs are the signs that require you to do something, i.e. to stop or yield the right of way. In most cases, they are white with black letters, they may also use red color to attract your attention, just like the stop sign does.

Answer B to the NY permit practice test question tells us that the correct answer is “destination signs”. Destination road signs, as apparent from the name, tell you something about the destination, usually the direction you have to take to reach it and how far it is. They are mostly rectangular and use green, sometimes brown colors.

Answer C to the NYS practice permit test sample quiz tells us that this is the shape and color for warning signs. Warning signs warn you about something up ahead on the road: a sharp curve, a side road joining the main road, anything that may surprise you. They are usually diamond shaped and are yellow.

Answer D to the permit practice test NY sample exam suggests that the correct answer is “service signs”. Service signs show the location of “services”, such as gas stations, areas where you can rest, etc. Such signs are usually rectangular and are blue in color.

Correct Answer To The NYS Permit Test

The correct answer to this NYC permit test question is C:

“Yellow diamond-shaped road signs are usually warning signs”

A typical warning sign would look something like this:

Regulatory Sign | Practice Permit Test NY

See how the shape of the sign makes it virtually impossible for you to mistake this sign for a service sign or a destination sign? This makes it very easy to differentiate between road signs while driving and prioritize them at high speed. You definitely want to pay more attention to regulation signs, while service signs are of the lesser priority. Learn the shapes and colors of NY road signs well and you will not have any problems passing the permit test!

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