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New York Permit Test (NY) Question 129

Railroad crossings are a dangerous place for any driver - quite a few of them are not regulated and many drivers don't pay due caution when crossing them, which results in tragic fatal accident. Due to their sheer mass, trains cannot stop as rapidly as cars do, so even if the train driver sees that a vehicle has entered the crossing, there is nothing he can do to prevent an accident from developing. It is important that you learn the rules of safe travel through railroad intersections, it will not only help you pass your New York permit test easily but will ensure your safety behind the wheel. If you are still not comfortable with the rules even after you go through this sample, make sure to do more practice permit test NY questions in the complete exam offered on the website!

Sample Question


A. Stop, do not proceed until signals are completed
B. Slow down and proceed if clear
C. Proceed with caution
D. You have the right-of-way

If you are not sure what the answer is, the best thing you can do is open your copy of the NYC driver's handbook and look for the answer in that book. Most of these sample questions are based on the information that appears in the drivers manual and your NYS permit test is based on it too, so there is really no overstating how important it is to read the book before you visit your local DMV office. The handbook also has some sample study questions you could go over in addition to online permit practice test NY questions you can do on our website.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this permit test NY question suggests that a flashing red light at a railroad crossing requires you to stop and do not proceed until signals are completed. This is definitely a very safe thing to do and it does look logical. Let's go through all other options before we pick the right answer, though.

Answer B to this NYS permit test question states that you need to slow down, when there is a flashing red signal, but it is fine to proceed with caution. This is not right, slowing down will not work and you actually have to stop.

Answer C to the New York permit test question states that you can proceed with caution even without slowing down. This would be incorrect even if this was not a regulated railroad crossing and there was no red flashing signal. When you are approaching a railroad crossing, you must always slow down and be prepared to stop completely.

Answer D to the New York state permit test tells us that a flashing red light before a railroad crossing means that you have the right-of-way. There is one thing you need to memorize: the train ALWAYS has the right-of-way, it does not matter whether the railroad crossing is being regulated or not. The train will not be able to stop for you and it is up to you to avoid colliding with the train.

Correct Answer To The NY Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this New York permit test question is A:


Even after the signals are completed, you should not rush with going through the railroad crossing. Listen and look out for other trains that may be coming. Make sure you will be able to go through the crossing and will not be blocked on it by other traffic. Never stop on tracks, proceed all the way through the crossing. Remember, almost 50 accidents that involve trains colliding with vehicles or pedestrians happen around the country every day, these accidents are not as uncommon as you may think and your chances of dying in such accident are 40 times higher when compared to being involved in an accident with another vehicle.

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