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DMV Practice Test NC Question 38

Although parking on hills does not require any special skill, you do need to remember a few simple safety rules that may prevent a traffic accident some day. Questions on parking uphill and downhill in various conditions almost certainly appear on the North Carolina permit test, so you should spend 5 minutes on learning these basic rules. There is nothing hard about such permit test questions, you just need to understand what will happen to the vehicle if it starts rolling, if you understand that, you will be able to answer any question on parking on hills. Here is a DMV practice test NC sample question that will help you remember these simple parking rules.

DMV Practice Test Question

Before you answer this NC permit test question, think about what happens to the car that is parked on the hill if the parking brake fails. It starts rolling. The direction it will take will depend on whether the car is parked uphill or downhill, which way the wheels are turned and whether there is anything the car can stop again. Keeping this in mind, try to answer the following permit test question.

“If you are parked on the hill, your car is facing uphill and there is a curb, you must turn your wheels:"

A. Towards the center lane of the road
B. Towards the curb
C. Any way will do
D. Parallel to the road

Those who didn't guess the answer but want to find it on their own can pick up a copy of the North Carolina drivers manual, there is a lot of information on parking and defensive driving techniques in the book.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the DMV practice test NC sample quiz states that in such situation, the wheels need to be turned towards the center of the road. This way, if your car starts rolling backwards, your front wheels will push against the curb and the car will stop.

Answer B to the NC DMV practice test tells us to turn the wheels toward the curb. If you do this and your car starts rolling downhill, it will just slide against the curb until it hits something. Since the back wheels are parallel to the curb and the front wheels will travel towards the center of the road, there won't be anything to stop the vehicle from rolling.

Answer C to the North Carolina DMV practice test suggest that it does not matter which way you will turn your wheels. Unfortunately, this is not true and knowing which way to turn your wheels is very important if you are parked on a steep hill.

Answer D to the DMV NC practice test question tells us that the wheels need to stay parallel to the direction of the road. This will not prevent the vehicle from rolling and it will just keep on picking up speed until it hits something. Definitely the worst case scenario here.

Correct Answer To The DMV Test

The correct answer to this North Carolina permit test question is A:

“If you are parked on the hill, your car is facing uphill and there is a curb, you must turn your wheels towards the center lane of the road”.

Parking Uphill | North Carolina DMV Practice Test

The image demonstrates this principle. If your wheels are turned towards the road when you are parked uphill and the vehicle starts rolling, the front wheels will immediately push against the curb and the vehicle will come a stop. Presence of a curb is essential to this process. If there will be no curb, your vehicle will just roll towards the center of the road where it can crash into someone.

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