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Permit Practice Test NJ Question 20

Who doesn't like a fast ride in a nice car? Most of us have experienced driving at high speed and the adrenaline rush that comes from it. Driving fast is a pleasant experience and you cannot deny it. Keeping this in mind, you must also remember that speed kills. The faster you go, the less time you will have to react to danger and the more are the damages. Speed limits are enforced for your own safety and it is important to learn them well since questions on speed limits almost always appear on the NJ permit test. Today's permit practice test NJ sample question is about speed control.

Practice Permit Test Question

“The speed limit on rural roadways is:”

A. 25 mph
B. 35 mph
C. 45 mph
D. 50 mph
E. 55 mph

Remember, only one of the answers is correct. Those who already know the correct answer may scroll down to the end of the page to check if they are correct. You may also check yourself against the current New Jersey drivers manual. Read on to find out which answer is correct and why.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test NJ sample quiz tells us that the speed limit on rural roadways is 25 mph. This does not look correct from the start, since it's a little too slow. Remember that in New Jersey, 25 mph is the speed limit in school zones, business or residential districts.

Answer B to the practice permit test NJ sample question suggests that the speed limit on rural roadways ion New Jersey is 35 mph. While this answer is closer to the correct one, is is still not right. The speed is limited to 35 mph in suburban business and residential districts.

Answer C to the NJ practice permit test question claims that the speed limit to be 45 mph. While being very close to the correct answer, it is still not right. There is no such speed limit in New Jersey.

Answer D to the New Jersey practice permit test tells us that the speed limit on rural roadways is 50 mph.

Answer E to the New Jersey permit practice test suggests that the speed limit is 55 mph. This is not right as 55 mph is the speed limit on certain highways where it's always posted, so you will know that right from the start.

Correct Answer To The Permit Practice Test NJ

The correct answer to the New Jersey permit test question is:

D. “The speed limit on rural roadways is 50 mph, unless posted otherwise”

Make sure to memorize these speed limits for your upcoming NJ permit test. You should also remember that speeding tickets are quite costly and that you will have to pay a double fine for exceeding the 65 mph limit by 10 miles per hour or more. On top of that, New Jersey will also charge double fines for most of the moving violations committed in the high-speed 65 mph zone.

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