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DMV Virginia Practice Test Question 52

There is no over-stressing of how important communicating between drivers is. While you don't think much about it, you are communicating with other road users almost every single moment you are driving, especially when you are driving in heavy traffic. Using your turn signals, your headlights, pumping the breaks lightly: all these things can be used to send messages to other drivers. There are many Virginia DMV permit test questions that cover various means of communication and today we are looking at one of such questions: what do you do you your turn signals fail? Remember that our DMV Virginia practice test contains many questions on communicating with other drivers, make sure to learn these DMV test answers before you visit the office!

DMV Test Question

Remember that you may always obtain answers to the Virginia DMV permit test in the official drivers manual. The book is a great resource for anyone who is getting ready to apply for a VA drivers license. In fact, we recommend that you print out the book and keep it in your car for future reference. If you are using a smart-phone, you may load the electronic version of the Virginia drivers manual to your phone.


A. Your horn
B. Your headlights
C. Hand signals
D. Your emergency flashers

Remember, there is only one correct answer to this permit test question. If you are having troubles selecting the right answer, read on for the explanation to each one of them. Those who know the answer can skip right down to the bottom of the page and find out if they are correct.

DMV Test Answers

Answer A to this DMV Virginia practice test tells us that you should use your horn to warn other drivers that you are about to make a turn in an event when your turn signals are not working. This option is incorrect. While using the horn will attract some attention to you, it will not indicate the direction of your turn. This is not a good option to indicate turns.

Answer B to this DMV permit practice test question suggests you use headlights to indicate you are turning. This answer is even worse than the first one, since no one will be able to understand this signal and you will not be able to indicate the direction of your turn.

Answer C to the DMV practice test VA sample quiz introduces a notion of hand signals. Now, this looks like a good option, provided you know how to use hand signals correctly. Waiving your hands in the air randomly won't do much good.

Answer D to the DMV VA practice test tells us to use emergency flashers instead of the turn signals. If you are at least a bit familiar with a regular car, you should know that most cars have emergency flashers integrated into turn signals, so if one system fails, it usually leads to the failure in another one as well. Very few vehicles in the world have dedicated emergency signals and even then, you cannot indicate directions with them as they will flash evenly on all sides of the vehicle.

Correct Answer To The Virginia DMV Practice Test Question

The correct answer to this Virginia permit test question is C:


There is a great system of hand signals that allows you to warn other drivers about the maneuver you are going to make in case of an electronic failure in your vehicle. These hand signals are very easy and you can memorize them almost instantaneously.

If you are making a right turn, pull your left arm out of the window and point it upwards. If you are making a left turn, extend your left arm out of the window and stretch it in the direction of the turn. If you want to slow down or stop, pull your left arm out of the window and point to the ground.

Here is a great picture from the drivers manual that will help you remember this: Using Hand Signals | DMV Practice Test VA

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