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Practice Permit Test Illinois Question 23

Learning all of the Illinois road signs is probably the first thing that must be done by anyone who wishes to take the Illinois permit test this year. Just like most other states, Illinois has a separate section on the permit test that is dedicated solely to road signs and answering those questions correctly is crucial for passing the exam. In order to help you prepare for the knowledge exam at the DMV, our practice permit test Illinois sample quiz features a number of questions on road signs and today we are looking at one of them.

Practice Permit Test Question

“The sign depicted in the picture is used to mark:”

White Rectangular Road Sign Arrows Pointing Left | Illinois Practice Permit Test A. A one way street ahead, where you can only turn left
B. An approach to a divided highway
C. A two-way left turn center lane in the middle of a highway
D. An approach to a left turn

Just like all other Illinois permit test questions, this one comes straight from the drivers handbook, so if you are anything like myself and like looking for the right answer on your own, grab yourself a copy of the Illinoisdrivers handbook and looks for the answer there. If you just want the correct answer to the question, read on.

Answers To The Illinois Permit Test

Answer A to the practice permit test Illinois sample question suggests that this sign warns us that that there is a one way street ahead and that we can only turn left on this street. While it may seem that way, since the sign is clearly directing us to go left, this is not correct. Road signs that mark a one way street always have “ONE WAY” printed on them, so you will not mistake them for anything else.

Answer B to the permit practice test Illinois sample quiz tells us that this road sign marks an approach to a divided highway. Once again, this is not correct as signs that mark approaches to a divided highways also have a clear phrase “DIVIDED HIGHWAY” printed on them.

Answer C to the Illinois rules of the road practice test question informs us that this sign is used to mark a two-way left turn center lane in a middle of a highway. So far, this is definitely the best answer out there.

Answer D to the Illinois practice permit test question suggests that this road sign is used to mark an approach to a left turn. Such approach would be marked with a warning sign, while the sign in the question is clearly a regulatory sign, they are different in shape and color, so it is definitely not the right answer for the question.

Correct Answer

The correct answer to this question is C:

“The sign depicted in the picture is used to mark a two-way left turn center lane in the center of a highway”.

According to the official Illinois rules of the road book, the sign may also look like this. Road Sign Center Lane Left Turn | Illinois Practice Permit Test

While the Illinois handbook only states that this lane is to be used for making left turns and it does not specify how far you can travel in the lane, many other states limit that distance to 150 feet. Remember, this lane cannot be used for regular driving or passing other vehicles, move into the lane only when you need to make a turn left. Always check that the lane is not occupied before moving into it and that you will be able to make a safe left turn without obstructing traffic.

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