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Michigan Drivers License Test Question 58

Questions on sharing the road with motorcyclists, pedestrians and cyclists always appear on the Michigan permit test and you should take your time studying these rules. These types of road users are more vulnerable in case of a crash since they are not protected by the vehicle's safety systems like you are, that is why the law requires you to take extra precautions when driving near them. You should also remember that motorcycles can usually pick up speed and slow down much faster than a regular car, you need to be prepared for this and act accordingly. Today's Michigan drivers license test question covers the following distance you need to keep when traveling behind a motorcycle.

Drivers License Practice Question

If you are studying for your drivers license knowledge test, there is no better resource than the official Michigan drivers handbook. The knowledge exam is based on this book so there is nothing else you need to pass the test. You can download the manual free of charge off the DMV website or pick up a copy at one of the drivers license offices.


A. Allow a following distance of at least 2 car lengths
B. Allow at least 2 seconds of following distance
C. Allow at least 4 seconds of following distance
D. Allow a following distance of at least 4 motorcycle lengths

Remember that most of the answers to drivers license test questions can be deduced. Always analyze the question, don't rush with answering it, this will allow you to eliminate some of the incorrect answers and will make the job of answering the question a little easier.

Michigan Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Michigan drivers license test question suggest that you allow a following distance of at least 2 car lengths when traveling behind a motorcycle. While the practice of measuring the following distance in car lengths used to be quite popular, it has been judged inconvenient and right now the following distance is judged by the time it takes you to reach an object.

Answer B to the sample practice question suggests that the following distance should be at least 2 seconds. According to statistics, it will take about 1.5 seconds from the time when you see the danger to the moment when the car starts braking for an average driver. This leaves only 0.5 seconds for the car to stop, clearly no enough space.

Answer C to the Michigan drivers practice test suggests that we allow at least 4 seconds of following distance. This definitely looks more reasonable than the previous answer that suggests the following distance of 2 seconds.

Answer D to the Michigan drivers permit practice test tells us to allow a following distance of at least 4 motorcycle lengths. Now, there are a few problems with this. First of all, the motorcycle is very small compared to the car and 4 motorcycle lengths will amount to a very short following distance. Second, if you simply allow a following distance of 4 motorcycle length all the time, this does not take your speed into account. You need to be able to change the following distance as your speed increases or decreases.

Correct Answer To The Michigan Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Michigan permit test question is C:


Keep in mind that this is a minimum following distance, you can increase it to 5-6 seconds to be safe, reducing it below that limit is considered dangerous. You should always adjust your following distance according to road conditions and increase the following distance whenever the road is wet or icy.

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