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Wisconsin Drivers Ed - Wisconsin Drivers Education

If you live in Wisconsin and would like to get a drivers license before you turn 18, you will have to complete a state-approved drivers education class. Although the Department of Transportation does not require everyone else to take a driver ed course, you may still wish to do so for your own benefit.

Graduated Drivers License

Just like most other states, Wisconsin makes drivers education classes an integral part of the state graduated license system. The graduated driver license programs target teenage drivers as they are known to belong to a high risk group when it comes to driving. One of the main causes of traffic accidents among teen drivers is lack of awareness and experience. The Wisconsin GDL law fights both of these factors with compulsory driver's education courses, extended supervised driving periods and mandatory learners permit restrictions.

Why Take Driver Ed Classes

For teenagers, the answer is very simple - you will not be able to get your Wisconsin learners permit until you sign up for and start taking one of the driver ed classes. This is the law and there is no way around it, if you want your drivers license - take the class. You must be enrolled in a state-approved program before you show up for your learners permit exam at the DOT.

While the state does not enforce compulsory driver's education for other age groups, you may still wish to take the course before you hit the DOT office for your Wisconsin permit exam. Although there are many ways to prepare for the exam, taking a drivers education program is considered to be one of the best ones. If you participate in one of the in-person driver's ed classes, the instructor will monitor your progress and help you locate the areas you need to concentrate on, thus ensuring that you will be able to nail the exam at the DOT.

If you decide to skip on driver ed, you should still prepare for the exam. Grab yourself a free copy of the Wisconsin driver's handbook and give it a thorough read-through. Once done with the book, take a few practice permit tests, they will help you identify the questions you may find hard or confusing.

Those who want to avoid taking a drivers education program due to a relatively high price of the class may want to reconsider. Most of the insurance agencies provide a nice insurance discount to those who complete a Wisconsin driver's education class. Over some time, this discount should compensate for the money you spend on the class. Check with your insurance agent for the specific amount of the discount you could get.

Where to Take Driver's Education Classes

The first question you should ask yourself when you start searching for that driver's ed program is whether the course is certified by the state. If the course is not licensed, the DOT will not accept your certificate of completion.

Wisconsin driver education classes are offered through high schools and commercial driving schools. If the course is not offered by your high school, call up a few driving schools in the area to compare the prices and schedules.

Unfortunately, if you live in Wisconsin, you cannot fulfill your drivers ed requirements online. The state does not endorse online driving education courses right now.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

All state-approved drivers education classes follow the same basic curriculum that has been revised and endorsed by the Department of Transportation. The course consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction. During this time, students cover such topics as traffic safety, defensive driving skills and road signs.