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Maryland Learners Permit Practice Test Question 78

During your Maryland learners permit test, you may be asked to identify road signs based on their color and shape, with the sign not displaying any additional messages that can help you learn its meaning. This may seem strange to you, however these are reasonable questions since sometimes, when you are driving fast, you don't have much time for deciphering signs and you should be able to prioritize them based on the color and shape. This is not as hard as it may seem and our Maryland learners permit practice test has a number of road signs questions that can help you with this. Today we are looking at one of such permit test questions.

Learners Permit Test Study Materials

When you are getting ready to apply for the Maryland learners permit, it may be somewhat hard to choose study materials that are right for you. If you start browsing the Internet for study materials, you get hundreds of offers: drivers education courses, practice tests, drivers license advice from gurus. What study aids should you really go for, which ones are truly essential for passing the permit test?

There is one and only thing you must do if you want to pass your Maryland learners permit test the first time you take it and that is reading the official Maryland MVA handbook. The learners permit test is based on this book and you simply cannot go wrong with reading it - everything you need to know is in the book. You can download the manual off the MVA website and either print it out or read it off the screen of your laptop, although we advise that you keep a printed version of the book in your car for future reference.

Sample Practice Question


Road Signs | Maryland Learners Permit Practice Test A. Helps direct you to cities and towns ahead

B. Warns you about conditions on or near the road

C. Tells you about traffic laws and regulations

D. Tells you about road construction ahead

As always, you may either look up the answer to this learner's permit test question in the MVA manual or check it at the bottom of the page.

Learner's Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this Maryland learners permit practice test question states that yellow and black diamond shaped signs help direct you to cities and towns ahead. If you read the handbook, you should know that this task is reserved for guide signs that are usually rectangular in shape and feature white letters on green background. The sign in the picture definitely does not look like a guide sign.

Answer B to the Maryland practice permit test question suggests that the sign in the picture warns you about conditions on or near the road. This sounds like the question is hinting at warning signs and we know that warning road signs are diamond shaped and they are yellow in color. This definitely looks like the right option, but let's go through other answers as well to make sure we don't miss anything.

Answer C to the learners permit Maryland practice test claims that the sign tells us about traffic laws and regulations. There is actually no road sign that would fit this description, since you are expected to know traffic laws and regulations, this does not sound like the right option.

Answer D to the Maryland drivers permit test question states that the road sign in the picture tells us about road construction ahead. Those who read the drivers manual remember that road signs that mark road construction can be diamond shaped, but they are orange, not yellow.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Maryland learners permit test question is B:


Such road signs are actually called “warning signs” and you see them on the road quite frequently. While warning sign in Maryland do not actually require you to do anything, you should still heed the message in the sign and take appropriate action. For example, if you see the sign “slippery when wet” and it is raining, you should reduce speed even though the law does not require you to, it is in your best interest to play it safe.

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