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Kentucky Permit Practice Test Question 40

Many of those who start learning the road signs get confused by the amount of information they need to memorize. There are literally a few hundred signs and it may seem as if you will never be able to learn them all. If we were to pick the most important signs for you to learn, it would definitely be regulatory signs, such as stop, yield, wrong way, etc. Questions on regulatory signs always appear on the KY permit test and you have to learn them well if you want to receive your drivers license some time soon. We developed a number of questions on regulatory signs for our Kentucky permit practice test, use these questions to study for the real exam.

Permit Test Question

Remember, you may always look up any of the road signs in the official Kentucky drivers manual, the book is an irreplaceable well of useful information when it comes to studying for the permit test.

“This sign means:”

Red Circle Regulatory Sign | KY Permit Practice Test A. Stop
B Yield
C. Wrong Way
D. Do not enter

All these signs belong the category of regulatory signs and observing them is mandatory. Failure to obey one of these signs may result in a citation and a large fine.

Practice Test Answers

Answer A to this KY permit practice test tells us that the sign in the picture is a stop sign. This is not correct since the shape of the stop sign is somewhat different. Stop signs are octagons, they have 8 sides. This does not look like the right answer.

Answer B to the Kentucky permit practice test suggests that this is a yield sign. No one who has ever seen a yield sign would confuse it for the sign that is presented in the picture above. Yield signs are inverted triangles with a white center and a red outline, it does not look anything like the sign in the picture.

Answer C to the KY practice permit test question claims that this is the “Wrong Way” sign. While this is the closest answer out of the ones we already looked on, this is still not true.

Answer D to the permit practice test KY sample quiz tells us that this is a “Do not enter” sign. This looks like the best answer out there.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Kentucky permit test question is D:

“The sign means “Do not enter”

This is one of the Kentucky regulatory signs and it is usually used together with the “wrong way sign”. The “Do not enter” sign is placed at the beginning of one-way streets and ramps. When you see this sign, do not drive onto that street or ramp in the direction you are heading. “Wrong way” signs are placed farther down the one-way street or ramp. They are placed there to catch your attention, if you accidentally turn onto the street or ramp.

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