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Arizona Practice Permit Test Question 106

Learning traffic signals is important for a number of reasons: first of all, you should learn them because knowing them directly impacts your safety. If you don't know and don't follow traffic signals, you have a very high chance of getting into a traffic accident. Second, you don't stand a chance of passing the AZ permit test unless you can answer questions on traffic signals. Yes, your Arizona permit test will contain a number of questions on traffic signals, it is not just about driving rules and road signs. This is why our Arizona practice permit test has so many questions on traffic signals, to help you learn them well and pass the permit test the first time you take it!

Permit Test Study Guide

We truly do not understand why so many people are looking for and paying for expensive Arizona permit test study guides when the only thing you need to be able to pass the test the first time you take it is the official Arizona drivers manual. Yes, this free book that anyone can download off the DMV website covers all of the state driving rules and road signs you will be tested on. Add a free Arizona practice permit test to the book and you're all set!

Practice Permit Question


A Stop and wait for it to be repaired
B Stop and wait for a police officer to arrive
C. Continue as if it were a four-way stop sign
D. Continue as you normally would

If you are wondering how useful the drivers manual is - pick it up and look up the answer to this question right now! Yes, it does cover this sample question as well as many others!

AZ Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Arizona practice permit test question states that if a traffic light is broken or not functioning, you should stop and wait for it to be repaired. This looks more like a joke than a correct answer to this permit test question. You can wait for days or weeks for a traffic light to be repaired if it is installed somewhere in the countryside and you would be a very strange person if you just stood there all this time.

Answer B to the AZ practice permit test question tells you to stop and wait for a police officer to arrive. While this a more reasonable answer than the first one, it is still very naive. A police officer will not drive out to help you go through every intersection that does not have a functional traffic light, police usually regulates busy intersection that have a lot of traffic going through.

Answer C to the Arizona permit practice test question tells you to continue as if it were a four-way stop sign. Now this is a very good suggestion that will ensure that all who come to this intersection proceed through safely. Every driver is required to stop before going through the intersection, every driver has to look out for cross traffic. Great answer right here.

Answer D to this free Arizona permit practice test question offers you to continue as you normally would. If you think about this answer, you will understand that it contradicts itself. Normally, you would have to follow traffic signals and they are not functioning now, so you cannot proceed through as you normally would.

Correct Arizona Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Arizona permit test question is C:


As we already mentioned, this is the best and safest option. Before this rule was enacted, accidents would happen because sometimes only part of the traffic signals are not working. Drivers who were coming from the side where green signal was displayed would enter the intersection without even slowing down because everything appeared normal to them. Drivers coming from the direction where the traffic light was broken could enter the intersection thinking that they have the right of way, for example, when the other driver was coming from the left. Since they were not required to stop before the non-functional traffic light, they would enter the intersection and crash into cross traffic. With the current rule, this situation could never happen since every driver is required to treat the intersection with a non-working traffic light as if it were a four-way stop sign.

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