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Driving Permit Test

Driving Permit Test

Driving permit test (also known as permit test or learners permit test) is the test taken by all permit applicants. If you want to get a drivers license in the the United States - you will have to take the driving permit test. There is no way for you to avoid the driving permit test no matter how old you are.

How do I pass the driving permit test?

The driving permit test can be taken at the office of a licensing agency in your state (usually the Department of Motor Vehicles of Department of Public Safety). In some states, you have to pre-schedule the test, in others you can just show up any time during their business hours.

The driving permit test usually consists of multiple choice and “true or false” questions. If you want to pass the driving permit test, you have to make sure that you prepare for it beforehand. A good way to prepare is to take a drivers ed course. Drivers ed courses usually have all the information you need in order to pass the driving permit test.

If your high school does not offer drivers ed, grab yourself a drivers manual. The drivers manual also has the information covered by the driving permit test, however it is a little hard to get through sometimes.

Another tip: if you want to pass your driving permit test, you should definitely take a free permit test. The tests are usually available online, so you should have no issues locating one. Practice the driving permit test online until you see that your passing score is above 80% - it’s a good indication that you are prepared.

And the last thing you should always remember - do not stress yourself over it. You have 3 attempts to pass the driving permit test and if you do not pass the first time - you will go back and retake the driving permit test the next day.

Good luck on your driving permit test!