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Iowa Drivers Ed - Iowa Drivers Education

Iowa Drivers Ed

All across the country, drivers education classes are an important part of the educational process and Iowa is not an exception to the rule. All minors are required to take one of the Iowa drivers education classes before they can be issued with a drivers license.

Iowa Graduated Drivers

The graduated drivers license laws are there to ensure the safety of teen drivers and those they share the roads with. The crash rates are highest among the 16 year olds and the GDL system is called upon to fight these statistics. According to the law, all Iowa learners permit applicants who are younger than 18 must take a certified driver's education class before they can be granted any driving privileges.

Permit Test

Another reason why everyone should consider the drivers education classes is the fact that it prepares you for the permit exam. Of course, you can always read the manual or take some Iowa practice tests, but the driver's education class usually provides in-depth information on many areas not covered in the manual.

Drivers Ed Curriculum

Every Iowa drivers ed class must follow the same curriculum. The course must include at least 30 hours of classroom instruction, cover the road rules and provide information on drug and alcohol awareness.

In addition to that, the class must include at least 6 hours of drivers training. 3 of those hours must be completed behind the wheel while another 3 can be completed either behind the wheel or on a simulator.

Drivers Education Classes

If you are looking for a drivers education class, there are a few places you can turn to. The first one should be your school district as they are obliged by the law to make drivers education classes available.

However, if you cannot take the class at your school district, you may check out the professional driving schools in your area. Make sure they are approved to provide this type of instruction by the DOT.

Minors who successfully complete the drivers ed class can be issued with an unrestricted Iowa drivers license when they turn 17.