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Illinois Rules of The Road Practice Test Question 75

Communication between drivers is one of keys to safe road environment. You have quite a few options when it comes to communicating your actions to others: headlights, turn signals, emergency lights, parking lights, the horn. However, what if one or a few of these systems fail, how do you communicate your intentions to other drivers in that case? This is where hand signals step in. You can easily let other drivers know what you are about to do by using hand signals and this is why we cover these signals in our Illinois rules of the road practice test. While you may think that hand signals are outdated, the DMV thinks otherwise and this is why the Illinois permit test has questions on hand signals. Make sure you learn them well before you hit the office!

Rules of The Road Question

Hand Signals - Driver Pointing To The Ground
A. Opening his/her door

B. Turning left

C. Turning right

D. Slowing or stopping

Before we get down to working on this sample question, we wanted to bring your attention to the official Illinois rules of the road manual. The learners permit test is based on this manual and you should study it before you take the exam at the DMV. The book covers Illinois rules of the road, traffic signs and defensive driving techniques in great details and it is irreplaceable for those who are getting ready to apply for an Illinois drivers license or learners permit.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the Illinois rules of the road practice test question states that the driver in the picture is opening his door. Since you know that the question is on hand signals, opening the door is an unlikely candidate for the correct answer.

Answer B to the Illinois practice permit test question tells us that the driver is turning left. You should know that this is not correct and if the driver was trying to turn left, he would extend his left arm in the direction he was about to turn.

Answer C to this rules of the road question suggests that the driver is turning right. Once again, this is not a correct hand signal for turning right. If you want to show other drivers that you are about to turn right, you would bend your left arm and point upwards. Do not attempt to reach your right window and point to the right since this will affect your ability to control the vehicle.

Answer D to this Illinois permit test question claims that the driver in the picture is trying to indicate that he is slowing down or is about to stop. This sounds reasonable.

Correct Answer To The Illinois Sample Quiz

The correct answer to this Illinois permit test question is D:


Please make sure to memorize all hand signals and use them whenever appropriate.

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