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Illinois Drivers License Practice Test Question 125

Identifying road signs by colors is a very useful technique all drivers need to learn before getting behind the wheel and hitting the road. While most people learn to identify traffic signs by color and shape just to be able to pass the Illinois permit test, you will notice how useful this ability is as soon as you start driving on high speed roadways. When you are traveling fast, you only have limited time for reading and processing traffic signs along the freeway and being able to prioritize them based on their color helps tremendously. Today we are looking at one of the Illinois driving test questions that tests your ability to identify the sign at a glance. If you are studying for the road rules test, you should also check out the full Illinois drivers license practice test that covers a wider variety of rules and laws!

Driving Practice Test Question


A. Blue
B. Brown
C. Green
D. Yellow

Keep in mind: only one of these answers is correct, please select the answer you think fits best.

Answers To Drivers Test Questions

Answer A to the Illinois drivers license practice test question suggests that warning signs can be blue. If you selected this as the right answer, you are confusing warning signs for guide signs, since blue color is reserved for guide signs. Guide signs tell you about service along the roadway, while warning sign are used to warn you of road conditions and dangers ahead.

Answer B to the Illinois drivers test practice question suggests that warning signs can be brown. Once again, this is incorrect and brown color is usually used to mark parks and recreation areas.

Answer C to the Illinois driving test question tells us that warning signs are green. This is not right and green signs, just like blue ones, are used for guide signs that tell you how where you currently are and distances to nearest cities.

Answer D to the Illinois practice test question tells us that warning signs can be yellow. Best answer our of the options we were offered and we are going to select this one, but it is still not full answer.

Correct Illinois Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Illinois permit test question is D:


The reason why this is still not the full answer is because warning signs may also be orange and yellow-green. Orange signs are usually used to mark construction zones, while yellow-green signs alert you to pedestrian crossings and school zones.

Illinois Drivers License Study Guide

Those who dream of obtaining an Illinois drivers license and would like to get their hands on some free study materials that could help them pass the rules of the road test and, eventually, the Illinois driving test, should definitely go ahead and download a copy of the Illinois drivers manual. The book is free, it is regularly updated by the DMV and the knowledge test is based on the information presented in the manual, so it really makes this publication one of the best study guides there is. Read the handbook, take the Illinois drivers license practice test and off you go to a local DMV office to pick up your learners permit.

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