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Learners Permit Practice Test GA Question 69

There are many reasons to learn how to correctly pass other vehicles. While most people learn traffic rules simply because these questions appear on the Georgia learners permit test, you should definitely worry more about your safety. Passing is a very dangerous maneuver since it frequently involves crossing the broken yellow line and moving into the lane for oncoming traffic. Mistakes made while passing other vehicles frequently lead to high speed head on collisions with tragic results. Today we are looking at one of the learners permit practice test GA questions that was designed to help you learn the safe rules of passing.

Permit Test Study Guide

Looking for a free way to prepare for your Georgia permit test? Look no further. Just log into the DDS website and download a copy of the official Georgia permit book. The book covers all Georgia driving rules, road signs, defensive driving techniques and basic car care and maintenance tips. The great news is that this book contains EVERYTHING you need to know to pass the DDS test, the exam is actually based on the information presented in the handbook.

We understand that many people are tempted to start taking practice tests before they read the permit manual, but we strongly advise against it. Practice tests were designed to help to uncover your weak spots and show you the rules you may have missed while studying. While practice tests are certainly a great help to anyone applying for a Georgia learners permit, they do not cover ALL traffic rules like the handbook does. Make sure to read the handbook before you start taking practice tests.

Sample Practice Question


A. Just before changing lanes
B. At any time
C. After changing lanes
D. Early enough so others know your plans

You may check the correct answer to this permit test question at the end of the page or read on for the explanation to each option.

When you are taking the real DDS GA permit test, you have to make sure to read all of the answers before choosing the right one, even if the first answer on the list looks correct at first glance. The question may contain a number of answers that LOOK similar at first, but only one of them is correct.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the learners permit practice test GA question tells us that you should signal just before changing lanes when passing other vehicles. While this is better than not signaling at all, it is still a dangerous thing to do since it does give other drivers prior notice about your actions and they may start a different maneuver at the same time.

Answer B to the Georgia permit practice test question states that you may signal any time during the maneuver. Does this look right to you? Is there any point in signaling at all if you are doing it after you changed lanes or after you finished passing the vehicle?

Answer C to the Georgia learners permit practice test question suggests that you signal after changing lanes. Just like the previous answer, this option does not make much sense. You already changed lanes, other drivers can see your position on the road, signaling now won't give them any additional information.

Answer D to the GA practice permit test states that you should signal early enough so others know your plans. This sounds correct.

Correct Answer GA Permit Test

The correct answer to this Georgia learners permit test question is D:


Signaling in advance will communicate your intentions to other drivers and will allow you to complete the maneuver safely. You can follow these simple rules when passing other vehicles:

  1. Check for other vehicles in the passing lane. If you are crossing a broken yellow line, make sure you can see at least 400 feet ahead of you. Check your mirrors, check your blind spots.
  2. Signal your intention to change lanes, move into the passing lane.
  3. Keep constant speed until you are past the other vehicle, you should be able to see the vehicle's headlights in your mirror.
  4. Signal right, move back into your lane, switch the signal off .

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