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Free Florida Permit Practice Test Question 73

Parking lights is an important part of your vehicle's equipment that makes your vehicle more visible to other drivers. Since there are many Florida permit test questions that cover parking rules, we decided to go ahead and cover this sample question on parking lights in our free Florida permit practice test. Make sure to not stop at this sample question and go through all Florida parking rules before you visit the DMV and take your knowledge exam.

Florida Drivers Handbook

Looking for some study materials that can help you pass the Florida permit test the first time you take it? Make sure to download and read the official Florida drivers handbook. The book is provided free of charge if you download it and you can either print it out or read it off the screen (you may also order a printed copy of the book off the DMV website, but you will have to pay printing and postage fees).

The reason why you should read the book before you take any practice tests is because the book covers all Florida traffic rules and road signs and it contains answers to all Florida permit test questions. While practice tests do a great job of showing you how well you learned traffic rules, they do not cover every aspect of driving you need to master before taking the knowledge exam. Read the book first, then polish your driving skills with the practice test.

Sample Practice Questions


A. Always
B. Between sunset and sunrise
C. Outside of cities and towns
D. Only if you leave your vehicle unattended

Don't know the answer to this sample question? You can either look it up in the handbook or scroll down to read the explanation to each one of these options.

FL Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this free Florida permit practice test question tells us that you must always use your parking lights when you are parked on a roadway at night. This is not correct and the law does not require you to use your parking lights every time you park your vehicle at night.

Answer B to the practice permit test FL question suggests that the parking lights must be on between sunset and sunrise. While this sounds reasonable, it just repeats the information we received in the question itself, that parking lights must be used at night, but it does not give us any extra information. Let's look at other options.

Answer C to the Florida learners permit practice test states that you need to use parking light when you park on the roadway at night outside of cities and towns. This sounds very reasonable since there is frequently no lighting on roads outside of cities and towns and you take extra measures to attract attention to your parked vehicle.

Answer D to the Florida permit practice test question claims that you have to use the parking lights only if the vehicle is left unattended. This is not correct since your presence in the vehicle does not affect your vehicle's visibility to other drivers and it does not matter whether you are in the vehicle or not.

Correct Answer To FL Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Florida permit test question is C:


Having your parking lights on when you are parked on the roadway makes your car much more visible to other road users and reduces the chances of someone crashing into it. You are still advised to take the vehicle off the road if it is possible to do so.

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