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Connecticut Drivers Ed - Connecticut Drivers Education

Connecticut Drivers Ed

Connecticut driver's education classes are an important part of the graduated drivers system. Although drivers ed classes are compulsory for applicants who are under 18 years of age only, it is still a good idea to take the course for your own safety.

Connecticut GDL

Drivers education classes for minors is an important part of the Connecticut graduated drivers license system. The GDL laws were imposed to reduce the number of casualties among the teen drivers as they were shown to really work. According to the laws, all license applicants who are under 18 years of age must complete at least 30 hours of in class instruction and 40 hours of in-car training before they can be issued with a drivers license. License applicants who are over 18 are not required to take a drivers education class, but they still have to go through an 8-hour driving safety class.

Drivers Education Classes

Drivers ed classes are offered in a number of locations throughout the state. The first place you should check when planning your class is your high school as they probably have a class you can sign up for. You may also receive school credit for participating in the drivers education program.

If the class is not available at your high school, you may investigate the professional driving schools in your area as most of them would offer the drivers ed classes. However, instruction at a professional driving school may be a little more pricy than the one at your high school.

A home schooling parent taught drivers education course is also available.

Connecticut Parent Taught Home Schooling

Although taking a drivers education class in school may be preferable to some, you also have the option of taking a parent taught drivers education class. The instruction may be performed by a parent, grandparent, legal guardian or a spouce. The instructor will need to certify that the trainee completed at least 22 hours of home drivers education and 40 hours of behind the wheel training. In addition to that, the learners permit applicant will need to take an 8 hours driving safety class through a commercial driving school.

Another difference between the in-school drivers ed and parent taught drivers education is the fact that if you completed the driver's education class in school, you will only have to hold your permit for 120 days, while those students who went through the home schooling program should hold the permit for 180 days before applying for a drivers license.

Permit Test

Another reason why everyone should consider taking a drivers ed class is the fact that it prepares you for the permit test at the DMV. While reading the drivers manual and taking practice tests is a good way to start, they will not replace a professional driving instruction course.