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Practice Permit Test VA Question 71

While most of road signs are self explanatory and can be understood at first glance, quite a few of those who take the Virginia permit test for the first time fail the road signs section of the exam. In our opinion, such high failing rates can be explained by one thing only - failure to study the signs prior to taking the test. You have to make sure to go over the road signs at least once before you visit the DMV office, this will help you learn some of the rarely-encountered signs and ensure that you pass the permit test the first time you take it. Today we are looking at one of the Virginia warning signs. If you are looking for more questions like this one, make sure to check out the free practice permit test VA sample quiz that is provided on the website!

VA Permit Study Guide

Not a day goes by that without someone asking the same question “where can I find study materials that will help me prepare for my Virginia permit test”. It is understandable that selecting study materials for learning the rules is a question of great interest to those who are about to take the learners permit exam, however you don't have to waste much time on searching for these materials. The DMV has already done all the work for you and prepared a comprehensive Virginia permit test study guide for anyone who wishes to study, the book that covers all relevant driving rules, traffic regulations and road signs. The drivers handbook should be made your main point of reference when you are preparing for the exam since the knowledge exam at the DMV is based on the information that appears in the book. You can download the guide from the DMV website free of charge and either read it on your screen or print out a copy and keep it in the car for future reference.

Practice Test Question


Warning Sign | Permit Test VA A. There are trucks on the hill
B. No trucks are allowed on the hill
C. A logging road is ahead
D. There is a steep hill ahead

If you don't know the answer to this permit test question, please read on or refer to the drivers handbook. You may check if the answer you selected is correct at the end of the page.

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this practice permit test VA question states that this signs warns us that there will be trucks on the hill up ahead. While this warning sign does have a truck and an incline on it, there is no special sign for warning drivers about trucks climbing the hill up ahead. Trucks are allowed to use most of the pubic roads you are using and there is no point in issuing such warning, virtually any hill may have a truck climbing it at some point in time.

Answer B to the permit practice test VA question tells us that the sign forbids trucks to travel up the hill. While there is certainly some sense in forbidding heavy vehicles to attempt to climb hills that are too steep for them, a warning sign is not something that would be used for such purpose. Remember that warning signs are used to warn you about something, not to forbid. Road signs that forbid or allow certain actions are called regulatory signs and they use a different color scheme, they are usually black, white and red.

Answer C to the Virginia learners permit practice test suggests that the sign warns us about a logging road up ahead. This is incorrect and there is no dedicated logging road warning sign in Virginia.

Answer D to the Virginia permit practice test tells us that this sign warns us about a steep hill ahead. So far, this is the most reasonable answer.

Correct Answer To Virginia Permit Test Question

The correct answer to this Virginia learners permit test question is D:


The reason why you are being warned about steep hills is because you may need to reduce your speed to pass this hill safely, for a number of different reasons. First of all, heavy vehicles will travel slowly both up the hill and down the hill and you don't want to travel much faster than them since it may lead to accident. Another reason why you may want to slow down is because if you are traveling downhill, your brakes will need to work much harder to slow the vehicle down, they may overheat and their performance will be drastically reduced. It is a good idea to shift into a lower gear, this will slow you down just like the breaks would.

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