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Life Saving Bill For Indiana Teen Drivers

Life Saving Bill For Indiana Teen Drivers

Possession of a drivers license is a great thing - it grants you the freedom of movement. However, driving is also a great responsibility and it requires strict laws that would ensure the safety of the driver and those who surround him on the roads.

Teens are in the high-risk group when it comes to driving. It comes from two things -lack of driving experience and failure to understand the potential risks driving may pose.

The current driving laws in Indiana do not address this issue much. However, if the new bill is passed on, this can change.

The new bill would allow teens to obtain the Indiana learners permit when they turn 15 and ½ and the Indiana drivers license when they turn 16 and ½, provided they complete a state-approved drivers education class. Otherwise the drivers license age changes to 17.

The new laws would also pose cell-phone restrictions onto the young drivers - something that already has been done in most state. Teens would be prohibited from using communication devices while operating a motor vehicle.