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PA Permit Practice Test Question 92

Most of the road signs and traffic signals are designed to convey their message in more than one way. Road signs can be identified by shape and color, not just the message printed on them. This helps you to prioritize the signs even if you are driving by at high speed. Traffic signals are designed in the same way - you can usually deduce the message from the position of an active signal, not just from its color. Quite a few questions on the Pennsylvania permit test will ask you to identify traffic signals, road signs and pavement markings just by their position, color or shape and you should learn to do that before you visit a local PennDOT office. Our PA permit practice test contains numerous questions that can help you learn Pennsylvania road signs and traffic signals, today we are looking at one of such questions in more details.

Sample Traffic Signal Question


PA Permit Practice Test | Traffic Lights Order
A. Red, yellow, green

B. Red, green, yellow

C. Green, red, yellow

D. Green, yellow, red

Score additional points by correctly identifying the sign in this picture!

Remember that you can always find answers to this and any other PA permit practice test question in the PA drivers manual that can be download off PennDOT website free of charge. The book is a great study guide for anyone applying for the Pennsylvania drivers permit, don't dismiss it just because it is free, great things don't have to cost a lot of money. Supplement the book with study questions from the PA practice permit test that is offered on the website and you are bound to pass your learners permit test in no time at all!

Permit Test Answers

Answer A to the PA permit practice test question suggests that the correct order for traffic lights, top to bottom, is red, yellow, green. This sounds correct, but let's look at other options.

Answer B to the PA practice permit test question states that the correct order of traffic lights should be red, green, yellow. We know this to be incorrect.

Answer C to the permit practice test PA question states that the correct order of traffic lights is green, red, yellow. This is not the correct order for traffic lights.

Answer D to the practice permit test PA question suggests that green, yellow, red is the correct order for traffic lights. This is actually a reversed order of traffic lights, this answer would have been correct if the question was asking us to list traffic lights bottom to top.

Correct Pennsylvania Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this Pennsylvania permit test question is A:


This order is universal and it is used all over the world, so you don't have to worry about traffic signals being arranged in different order when you travel out of state. If the traffic signal is oriented horizontally, as opposed to vertically, the order of traffic lights is red, yellow, green, left to right.

As easy as this PA permit practice test question may seem to you, there are quite a few people who fail it, mostly due to rushing through the knowledge exam and misreading the question. We advise that you read the question, all answers and then read the question again. This will ensure that you will understand what the question is asking of you.

Pennsylvania Road Signs | Traffic Signal Ahead

The road sign in the picture is called “TRAFFIC SIGNAL AHEAD” and it is used to warn you that there is a traffic signal coming up on the road. It is usually installed in placed where the traffic light is obscured behind a curve or a hill and serves as a warning to you to reduce speed beforehand.

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