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Permit Practice Test Ohio Question 30

Driving in low visibility conditions requires a lot of skill and puts extra strain onto the driver. Try to avoid driving in such conditions and use public transportation or cancel the trio altogether if you do not feel confident about driving in heavy rain or fog. Fog is probably the most hazardous condition you will ever face on the road since it may limit the visibility to 10-15 feet and may even prevent you from seeing the side of the road. Knowing how to handle such situations may save your life some day. While questions on driving in fog rarely appear on the Ohio permit temps test, we still feel that knowing how to drive in fog is very important and this is why we included this question into our permit practice test Ohio sample exam.

Permit Practice Question

“The following tactic will increase your safety while driving in fog:”

A. Using high beam headlights
B. Driving in the fast lane
C. Slowing down
D. Driving with your flashers on

Remember that you can find the answer to this Ohio temps test question in the BMV drivers handbook that is available absolutely free of charge. The book contains many great tips on safe driving, descriptions for all road signs that are used on Ohio roads and lot of other great information. We advise that you get the book and keep it in the car at all times for future reference.

Temps Test Answers

Answer A to the permit practice test Ohio sample question suggests that you should use high beam headlights while driving in fog. While this may seem appealing at first, it is not correct. If you use the high beam headlights, the light from them will be reflected back at you, literally blinding you and reducing visibility even more. You will also appear as a huge ball of light to oncoming vehicles, they will not be able to judge the distance correctly and this may cause either them running into you driving off the road. Always use low beam headlights and fog lights if your vehicle is equipped with them.

Answer B to the practice temps test question tells us that driving in the fast lane is a safe choice while driving in fog. Some people think that driving is the fast lane is safer because everyone else will be on the right side of the road, in the slower lanes. However, this is not always right and speeding in the fast lane may lead to a traffic accident.

Answer C to the Ohio practice permit test tells us that slowing down is the right thing to do while driving in fog. So far, this is the best answer out there. Having said that, you have to remember that you should slow down gradually, never slam on the brakes as the driver behind you may not have enough time to react and crash into you.

Answer D to the Ohio permit practice test tells us that driving with your flashers on is a good idea. Let us tell you that it is not, since, while making you more visible, it will confuse other drivers on the road.

Correct Answer To The Practice Temps Test

The correct answer to this permit practice test Ohio sample question is C:

“Slowing down will increase your safety while driving in fog”

Slowing down is probably the safest thing you can do while driving in fog, but don't take it to the extreme and make sure to travel with the flow of traffic. If you move slower than the traffic, you are rising a rear-end collision. If you don't feel safe traveling at this speed in fog, slow down, move to the right shoulder of the road, move the car off the road. Keep your blinkers on, you may also use flares to mark the location of your vehicle.

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