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Indiana pushing for better Drivers Ed

The recent changes in the legislative system in Indiana saw the Graduated Drivers License system going into effect in July 2010. But the battle for road safety does not stop there. The lawmakers are seeking to improve the system even further by introducing the compulsory drivers education classes for all Indiana drivers license applicants.

At the moment, you do not have to take a drivers education class in order to obtain an Indiana learners permit or a drivers license. Of course, if you are under 17, completion of a drivers education program may help you yield your drivers license sooner, but nothing prevents you from waiting a little longer and avoiding taking the class completely. Some students think that waiting another year before being licensed is completely worth saving a few hundred dollars on the drivers education program.

The proposed changes will affect not only the Indiana drivers license applicants, they will also apply to the instructors, commercial driving school and high schools. One of the possible changes is creating of a state agency that would constantly monitor the driving schools and ensure that the level of drivers education provided by driving schools is always top-notch.

With its graduated drivers license system Indiana may become a 27th state that requires compulsory drivers education classes for drivers license applicants.