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NYS Drivers Permit Practice Test Question 108

Trust us when we say that there is no way around learning New York road signs if you want to pass the NYS permit test the first time you take it. If you cannot answer questions on road signs, the DMV will not allow you to get out there on the road. There is a lot of arguments as to whether you should study the rules or the signs first, but there is certainly no argument about the fact that you need to both of them. Our NYS drivers permit practice test has a number of sample questions on New York road signs and today we are looking at one of such questions in more details.

Preparing For The Drivers Permit Test

Despite the fact that the New York Department of Motor Vehicle does a great job at distributing permit test study materials, we still receive a large number of questions from students looking for some extra study aids that would help them pass the New York state drivers permit test the first time they take it. “What is the best way to prepare for the NYS permit test?” “How can I prepare for the New York state permit test?” “Where can I get a study guide for my NYC permit test?” These are the questions we hear all the time and the thing most people don't realize is that the only study guide you need to successfully pass your New York permit test the first time you take it is the official NYS driver's manual. The book has it all: road signs, road rules, defensive driving tactics. The book even has free sample drivers permit practice test questions and it tells you exactly what chapters you need to cover to pass your driving permit test the first time you take it! Seriously, just read the handbook, take notes, take a free NYS drivers permit practice test and get your New York learners permit the first time you visit the office, as simple as that!

Driving Practice Question


Warning Sign | NYS Permit Test A. No parking in this zone
B. Two way traffic ahead
C. Narrow bridge or underpass ahead
D. Low clearance

Scroll down to the very end of the page to check if your answer is correct or read on for more details about each one of these options.

Drivers Permit Test Answers

Answer A to this NYS drivers permit practice test question states that the sign in the picture forbids parking in the zone marked by the sign. If you learned to categorize NY road signs by shape and color, you will notice that the sign in the picture is a warning sign, while the “NO PARKING” sign is definitely a regulatory sign, so it should be using white, red and black colors. This answer is incorrect.

Answer B to the NYC drivers permit practice test question suggests that the sign warns us about two way traffic ahead. This is a close one, “TWO WAY TRAFFIC AHEAD” is also a regulatory sign and it has two arrows pointing in opposite directions, however those arrows are located right next to each other, not above one another.

Answer C to the NYS driver's permit practice test question tells us that the sign in the picture warns us about a narrow bridge or underpass ahead. This is a trick answer that will get most people who don't concentrate, the word “underpass” may throw quite a few students off.

Answer D to the New York driving practice test question suggests that this sign warns you about a bridge or an overpass with low clearance ahead. Note the difference between a NARROW underpass and a LOW underpass.

Correct Permit Test Answer

The correct answer to this driver's permit test question is D:


New York Road Signs | Low Clearance

The sign usually shows the the maximum clearance you have and may be placed before a tunnel, an underpass or a garage. You should not enter if your vehicle is of the same height or taller and it is recommended that you leave yourself at least 5-6 inches of back-up space just in case.

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